Stepping into Power, Spectacle and memory

1429633495578Today is the start of a new beginning for me, finally back from the crazy they call Madrid to the harsh reality of final year. From today’s lecture I can tell I’am going to enjoy this module as it gives you the opportunity to dig benefit the surface and really analyse our thinking.

3 Key words:

  • Power – Michel Foucault
  • Spectacle – Guy Debord
  • Memory – Maurice Halbwachs

The idea of power and discourse seems very interesting to me, more so than the standard notion of power which is that the people at the top control things.

In groups we discussed the three key words. For power I contributed the following ‘conspiracy’, ‘power in speech’. and how we use power to manipulate people and things around us. Spectacle also sparked a lot of ideas such as using pleasure of predictability to draw people in, manipulating reality, how media show us what we ant to see, and the importance of the ‘Shock factor’. For the latter memory we came up with enigma codes, social constructs, and how we capture personal memories.

We then watched ‘Clockwork Orange’ which was disturbing to say the least. It was a very blatant interpretation of control, spectacle and memory. Although it was very dramatic it still holds value and importance today.

We then brainstormed different topics we could potentially do for our main task. I came up with a few one of them being the racial tension in the U.S. Although after thinking about it may be too much of a popular topic and over subscribed.

Over the coming weeks I will look into different ideas to work for my main essay. I also can’t wait to see my development in terms of my understanding the key words and applying it to my work.


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