The purpose of fiction? ‘To perfect and imitate nature’ – Aristotle


This lecture was all about fiction. In this modern day and age fiction has grown even more popular with computer games, online series, fan pages for super heroes, comics etc. Here’s a break down of what I have learnt and done.

Mimesis – (imitation, representation, mimicry)

This is the central concepts of Aristotle’s poetics.

Poiesis                                 Mimesis                                            Katharsis

Input of the artist                  The expressions of the artwork          The effect on the recipient

(to make)                               (imitate)                                                  (purify)

Keith Oatley made an interesting point he said ‘Fiction makes our brains work better and is vital for our general health and well-being’.

Sabido method – He created soap operas that aimed to create, educate, and inform.  He saved and educated many lives by dong this and made him a huge and important figure.

From the stimulus given here is my first two lines ‘I told her how I make my living, but she didn’t believe me. It’s cold I’m willing but she thinks these things only happen on T.V. I still question her integrity. This exercise of keeping the pen to paper is weird, unique, and challenging. I have never put myself under so much pressure to engage and write on demand as I did. It is something I will be doing in the future to hone my writing skills.

My handheld object was my vaseline. The thing which is interesting about my object is I normally get the original flavour but this time around I got the cocoa butter version. This may seem irrelevant to you but for me this

changed everything. I’am normally so organised and I stick to my norm. This gave me the idea to write about a girl who woke up and realised that nothing was the same. Here are the first few lines ‘I felt cold. There was a sharp shiver that went from the back of my spine to the tips of my limbs. There was an unbearable air of racket we call silence that shuttered through my eardrums. It was eating away at me. It had seemed like all my prayers had been answered. Just for once I hadn’t been woken up by Terry’s lab jessie, or had to endure the sweet aroma of my little brother’s attempt to make toast for breakfast, or hear my mother trying to cover Bob Marley’s one love in the shower with Molly the cat scratching at the bathroom door trying to get in on the action.’

The rest is still unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

The video below is different from the text written above. I made this for presentation purposes because the actor I wanted for my original piece was unavailable. I hope you enjoy this original piece of text.


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