Intro in 364mc

My name is David Sanni. I am currently in my final year of my media production degree with international honours. In preparation for this module I created my first professional email address which is ‘’ before I was using my university email. This module is designed to transition you into the big professional world and I had to do the same thing with my forms of contact.

My company logo

I first see myself as a young, talented director, writer, D.O.P and most importantly a personality. As much as I want to focus solely on myself for this module and beyond I can’t, because I also have a production company which I have started with a few of my colleagues called Our Notion Works to develop. The brand was first formed over two years ago and ever since I have dedicated my time outside of uni and inside to making my collective a success. In our years of business we have made some money but this bubble called university has been the birth and the development place for this flower we call O.N.W to blossom. As I prepare to leave further education I will dedicate this module, to be used to make the final preparations for O.N.W and myself before we enter the big professional realm. This entails developing key skills, networking, creating a website, creating a company showreel and also developing myself as one of the leaders of the company.

I will also specify the development stages of my personal portfolio as well as my companies portfolio. I will look to gain as much experience from other small businesses, shadow directors and gain a placement with production companies in the U.K. Along side this I will also build up my professional contacts which I will be able to call upon after university. Even though my work load has doubled by focusing on two things I will manage this by developing my directing and writing skills while work on various O.N.W projects.


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