Artefact 1 – Remake

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Following my last post I went back to redo my first artefact and do it justice. My initial Idea I began writing previously came from my handheld object which was a small tub of vaseline. In the last post I spoke about the fact I always purchased this one particular flavour of vaseline, but then one day I really stepped out of my comfort  zone by purchasing another. This gave me an idea in lecture of waking up and everything that you’ve ever known gets completely flipped on its head. The female character Lyne from Liverpool in my flash fiction wakes up like any other day and all the simple mundane sounds, smells, and sights were no longer the same. I was reading this book ‘Z FOR ZACHARIAH’ by Robert C. O’Brien and in summary it’s about a 16 year girl who survives a nuclear explosion who then makes this beautiful diary just to help keep her sanity. The story is very interesting and really takes you on an emotional journey with the character. This helped to elevate my idea to the next level. I then tried to write as if I was 16 year old girl from Liverpool who feels isolated, scared, and lonely which was challenging but interesting to say the least. My poetry background defiantly assisted the me in this task and made it easier to be expressive.

The artefact is basically a soundscape with so many interesting elements. I used many sound effects such as airy ambience music, along with this big explosion and static from a TV for the live report at the end. The Liverpudlian accent was used to give some depth to the character and set the scene of a predominantly glum and pedestrian part of the U.K in my opinion. I felt like it also made the character more believable. Towards the end of the soundscape cut audio footage from the breaking news of when the late Princess Diana died, when America bombed Hiroshima, and David Cameron in parliament which all have their significance. The social context of the piece is to imagine if the U.K was hit by a nuclear bomb and what that would actually mean to the world. It takes me back to the London bombings in 2005 and the fear that this minuscule hit drilled into the capital in comparison to a nuclear bomb. The heartbreak of Princess Diana’s passing had the country on it’s knees and it’s still a tough pill to swallow all these years later. That ties more into British culture and what we Brit’s take huge pride in. In a political sense the voice of David Cameron ignites anger for many working class as most feel he doesn’t favour them. Even though it wasn’t during his reign we went into a ‘War against terrorism’ he still deals with the aftermath and has to walk in the shame of his predecessor’s like Tony Blair. Raising tuition fees and cutting youth clubs and extra funding didn’t do him any favours in the popularity rankings either. All of these things help to build the context behind my artefact, I hope you enjoyed it and please comment and share.

‘Tuition fees were introduced by the Blair government at around £1,000 a year. They were trebled by the same government to £3,000 a year. In 2010 the Coalition government voted to trebled tuition fees again to £9,000’ (The Independant – Jon Stone General Election) 

transcript –

I felt cold. There was a sharp shiver that went from the back of my spine to the tips of my limbs. There was an unbearable air of racket we call silence that shuttered through my eardrums. It was eating away at me. It had seemed like all my prayers had been answered. Just for once I hadn’t been woken up by Terry’s lab jessie, or had to endure the sweet aroma of my little brother’s attempt to make toast for breakfast (chuckle)  or hear mum trying to cover Bob Marley’s one love in the shower with Molly the cat scratching at the bathroom door trying to get in on the chorus,

I used to read about stuff like this…

Just for once.

just for once I miss em’

Mum used to always say be careful of what you wish for..

Now I feel lifeless

Something doesn’t feel right,

There’s a midst surrounding my room,

There’s, what’s that noise ??

It’s … Agh


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