Becoming a director

Throughout this module I will be looking at all the things I need to do to become a film director. I will also engage in practical work to enhance my skills whilst trying to learn from the professional directors I can get in contact with.

I have always wanted to direct and my acting and poetry background really gives me an advantage in doing so. From secondary sources I have learnt a huge deal about what it takes to be a director and the sorts of skills I will have to exude. One of the first things almost everybody says about film directing is you have to love and watch film. ‘You wanna be a director, you have to watch movies. If this is you, then you can always deflect criticism from angry relatives, “You spend too much on the TV!” “Leave me alone, I’m studying!’ (Elements of cinema 2014). This almost goes without saying but it is not just watching film passively. It is the keen eye that analysis’s the mise en scene and the detail in the location that benefits from watching films when it comes to directing.

Another way to show your desire to make films is by being ready to show your films and screenplays at any given time. ‘Similarly to Become A Master Storyteller and Write Screenplays above, you have to find ways to convince others that you are good at what you do. Having screenplays to show is one way, but directors really have to focus on showing their films’ (Elements of cinema 2014). Being confident, vocal and ready to show and share your work is a aspect of becoming a film director. The problem that I find today is it is to easy to say you a director. There is no real badge or certificate to prove it. The only way to truly show your skills is by showcasing your work when needs be through relevant streams. For example on vimeo, at festivals, showcases and so on.

Below is a video of Danny Boyle the famous British film director talking about directing and how he learnt from Michael Fassbender. It was really enjoyable hearing about how this man shaped Danny’s career because he has helped to shape mine and the aim is that in the future I will be able to help others.

To conclude I will continue to use this module to learn first hand what I need to do to become a film director.


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