Creative business workshop

Percy Emmett in action

I went to Creative business workshop a couple of days ago with my colleagues from O.N.W. The workshop was held by Percy Emmet who is a ‘Specialist Freelance Trainer, Coach & Mentor for Creative, Cultural & high Growth Businesses’ (LinkedIn 2015) . There were a load of various people there with all sorts different business ideas for example one lady there wanted to start her own primary school knickers line for little school girls, another wanted to start up an importation business where he would sell electronics for cheap in Europe and there was another interesting man called Dayo who wanted to develop his art company.

Before we had a chance to start networking Percy spoke in detail about creative businesses and how to operate in this sector, here is a breakdown of what we all discussed;

  • What is the clear outline of what your business does
  • Why should anyone care (my written response was) ‘Because we aim to produce the things you have always desired
  • Proving your skills, not selling the fact that we are media production company but the fact that we do weddings, documentaries, music videos etc
  • If your brand did not exist who would you recommend
  • The different type of problems when running a business like emotional, social, functional, political, and environmental. How to deal with it.
  • The four stages of production 1) Generator (Come up with the idea) 2) Realisers (Make it happen) 3) Distributers (They feed it to the consumer)  4) Customers (Consume it)
  • Who do we need our business to make this process happen.

This first half of the workshop really opened my eyes to the different components I will need to run my company. These discussions really helped as everyone in the room had something to say about the trouble they faced while setting up, what we have to do, what we should try to avoid and so fourth.

The key four stage plan was really crucial for me because this helped to clearly outline the things I will need to run my business. This is where my team come to help build on my creative ideas to get it out to our target audience.

The second half of the workshop focused more on social media and the different things we could do to get out there. This part of the day was conducted by a women over Skype she went on to say;

  • Use a site called ‘Edgar‘ for social media
  • On the weekend post after 6pm for most traffic
  • Be consistent with your posts use ‘hootsuit’
  • When you go to art workshops, or events make sure people remember you
  • Watermark work by using ‘’
  • Get contracts from ‘federation of small businesses
  • Try and have other jobs ticking that will help pay bills
  • Send your work to bigger companies
  • Think about different ways to minimise your cost

This lady really helped to point me in the right direction of so many little sites and places which will help O.N.W in the long run. She inspired me to never give up as she also spent years trying to make it before she got her first job. I really enjoyed her talk as she helped to build my confidence.

At the end of the workshop Percy pulled me to the side and spoke me privately about our website, showreel and how to get in the wedding industry. He then gave me his contact details and said he would speak to his friend and Bridal wear expert Lisa Keating to see if we could potentially work with her.

This two day workshop was very helpful. A side from the fantastic knowledge given I also made three new contacts which will help me in my future and the future of Our notion works. The first being Percy Emmett, the second Lisa Keating and the third Dayo who was one of the attendees at the class. We spoke and exchanged details in the aims of collaborating in the future.


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