Dropout UK

During last summer a few of my colleagues from O.N.W and I teamed up with Dropout U.K to film and edit certain live sessions with different artists. Drop out U.K is a multi genre music and entertainment online platform which enables U.K talent to showcase their skills. They have worked with many British stars like Amelia Lilly from the X factor, Tinie Tempah, Radio 1’s Charlie Sloth, and so fourth. So when they approached us to work for them we jumped at the chance because it was a great opportunity for us to network with people in the music and media industry.  Whilst working for the company we made sure we continued to push our brand, by giving out business cards to artists and agents and speaking to them about what we do and where we want to go. We made many friends whilst working one being Labrinth’s junior brother Mcknasty. We worked with him during one live session and gave us some really sound advice and encouraged us to plough on. I even managed to interview urban stars such as ‘Angel’ and ‘Fuse ODG’ which was great for me on a personal note because I enjoy presenting/ acting and hosting. Although we were not paid for our endeavours financially, we were rewarded with name drops and shout outs from Mcknasty, Angel, the CEO Dancers and a couple others which did wonders for our brand and online publicity. These are now stars who we have a rep-ore with.

From working with Drop out we have had a few enquiries about shooting over media related projects which we will look into. The plan is for people to see us as credible media practitioners so that we can boost our brand and public awareness. Obi the owner of the online platform has spoken highly of us and wants us to continue working for him. This is something we have to consider because working without pay is not easy, especially when trekking all across London to reach certain shoots. I have learnt so much during this experience like how to co-ordinate myself in front of celebrities, and how to film under pressure which is truly great. Lastly below is a video of one of shoots. This video gained over 23,000 views which is pretty good for us as our names are on the credits. This sort of exposure and publicity will only bold well for us and our brand in the future.


DropoutUK (2014) Fuse ODG – T.I.N.A. Ft. Angel – exclusive music video behind the scenes | dropout UK. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5NpjW1OVrI (Accessed: 13 November 2015).



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