BTS of ‘Naturally black’ Artefact 3.1 (Part 2)

This is an insight into how we visually shot ‘Naturally black’ the poem. The angles, the lighting, the composition was all thoroughly thought out to accompany the fantastic audio. In the aim to make a fantastic piece of work. Follow O.N.W through a shoot that transcended us from day into night without us even realising. It was an exciting and fun day that flowed naturally. We shot the video on two camera’s the Cannon 6D and a C100. We used a 50mm, 35mm a standard 24mm – 105mm f/4L, and a 85mm. We wanted the piece to look visually appealing but natural at the same time. So we aimed to find a sweet spot between both elements. The ‘Naturally black’ video is coming soon. Stay posted.


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