My reflection

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My placement year in Spain really gave me time to sit down and think about who I ‘am, the things I love, and what inspires me. I focused in and realised I had a love for discovery, challenging notions and reading into why things are the way they are. From a young age I have been brought up around certain ideologies and institutionalised ways of thinking which has shaped my journey thus far. However what happens when one tries to challenge the foundations of their upbringing and their ways of thinking? . 360mc has given me the opportunity to do so. I have begun to broaden my research and development techniques. I now understand the invaluable worth of primary research, and speaking to those who are most influenced by the subject you are questioning. In this instance it was young educated black women. We asked them ‘What does natural beauty mean to you?’ Hayley Abraham from artefact 2 said ‘Being confident… and knowing that know one can tell you about yourself’. Another was ‘why do you think lighter is considered better?’ A question we will probably never get a conclusive and objective answer to although we long to ask why. I was reading an online article, which said lighter skinned females ‘are socially placed below white people, but above darker skinned people’ it went on to say ‘light skinned women were sentenced to 12% less time behind bars’ in comparison to women of a darker complexion (News One, 2011). We took this knowledge and implemented it into formulating questions for artefact 3.0. The progression and development is clear to see as we took the key words from artefact 3.0 (the focus group) and used it to formulate a poem, which in turn made artefact 3.1. I developed on ideas, by listening to feedback from lecturers and implementing it into the following projects. For example a lecturer asked what would happen if you added black males into a similar discussion, just to see how the answers and the mood would vary. So I did. We chose power/control and carefully placed two black males into a female populated discussion. The men were quick to fire harsh and shocking questions at the females as instructed, this led to a fantastic debate, which brought through emotion, passion and truths. I challenged myself by redoing artefact one, as the feedback I received was nonchalant and passive. One student said ‘it was ok’. I knew I could write something with more feeling, substance and produce a better sound score even though this isn’t my specialty. I came out of my comfort zone and abandoned my romantic relationship style of poetry and opted for something much darker. Which for me made for a more interesting artefact. In hindsight what I did in this module was question people’s personal identities, ultimately asking them why they the way they are. Which is daunting, as many don’t know the answer. I would like to develop my work further by having more of an inquisitive attitude. Not taking things for face value. The importance of planning thoroughly is highlighted in every project I undergo although I do feel like I could of produced better work if I spent more time configuring my ideas and researching further.


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