‘Put the Y in front of our now it’s your notion works,

2014-08-17 18.04.31.jpg
On set of 

We still work but more weekly,

Film in HD so now you can see our notion more clearly,

Questions for weeks,

Giving the platform for those that don’t  usually speak,

Ironic that it was us that made questions of a man,

First weeks topic is relationships,

So I guess we’re still questioning the man?

This was the promotional poem I wrote for our project #YourNotionWeekly. Our Notion Works put this project together to gain exposure for our brand, to socialise/ network, and to create a conversation. This project took place in the summer of 2014. What did we do?

  • We created a topic i.e relationships.
  • We constructed 6 controversial questions from the topic
  • We then posted these questions on social media for the public to narrow it down to their favourite 3
  • We then took these questions to the streets to ask the general public for their thoughts and opinions.
  • After this we edited the footage and placed it online for people to watch

This was a great opportunity for us to show a different side of our brand. We are not only here to make films and documentaries we have a social element to us which just carters for the people. It also gave us the opportunity to get out there and socialise face to face. The entire team wore our branded to t-shirts for brand recognition. We also gave out business cards and spoke to the pedestrians about the sorts of skills we offer. We behaved in a very professional manor and we were very frank about the fact that we are students who are still learning trade, and people took very well to this approach. The entire project was funded by ourselves. We had a small team which helped with promoting and formulating the questions which was very collaborative team effort.

This video has references to some of the things spoken about in previous post.

This project was also about exposing Whitney Ngala the latest member of the Our Notion Works team. She is a host/ presenter who is trying to make her name in the industry. She has a large online following and is committed to making O.N.W a commercial success. I as the director of the organisation continue to mentor and shape her image to fit the professional realm she wants to divert into. She truly a pleasure to work with and everybody here loves her already. The picture below is of Whitney (right) and myself on the (left).

2014-08-02 16.41.24

We faced many difficulties whilst shooting this project. Sound was an issue at times because we was shooting in busy and populated areas with music and harsh sounds all around us. We coped with this best we knew how. We also had many distractions from other people, and getting by standers to participate was not always easy. This was a full time job in it’s self before the actual production began. All in all it was a very fun experience. On a personal note this project gave me the chance to practise conducting myself in a professional manor whilst in contact with potential customers. Marshalling the crowds and engaging with general public was not easy it takes confidence and skill but it is now an experience that has helped and will continue to help me in the future.


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