A night with Joe

‘My name is Joseph Oyelade. I’m a 21yr old student from London, UK. Long story short, I’ve just completed my first Semester at Berklee College of Music and I really need help paying my way through so I can eventually graduate.’ – Jospeh Oyelade

A night with Joe was a concert put on by Joseph Oyelade in the aim to raise money to help pay for his universities fees at Burklee college of music, in Boston, Massachusetts. The night featured many talented acts such as Femi Temowo, Debbie Aramide, and Kacey Chambers who performed live to a large and intertactive audience. The event was hosted by the bubbly IBK (@benediction_IBK) who really added her personality to the proceedings. The night was capped off by a simply breathtaking performance by the ‘Outlanders’ who done an instrumentalist cover of Simply Red’s – Holding back the years. The band which stars Joseph Oyelade left the audience in ore as the night drew to a close. The brick lane venue famous for it’s night life and urban spirit was the perfect location for this musical showcase. The raw talent on show really complimented the acoustics and vibe of the venue. Needless to say I think there will be many more night’s like this the near future.

This project was brought to me by Joseph. He has been my friend for many a year now. When he told me about what he was trying to achieve I knew that the company and I could help him reach his goals. This event gave us the opportunity again to network with up coming talents and their agents. We have acknowledged that this is a market we want to tap into and in the future. As all of these undiscovered artists need as much music videos, and press release as possible to get their careers off the ground. I had fun capturing the night. We had 3 camera set up and we were able to record the sound directly from the source via a zoom recorder which improved our production quality. The combination of shots worked really well in my opinion and I feel we did justice to all the artists involved. This event was really tiring because I had to do a lot of free hand work with a shoulder mount but apart from that it was great to be involved. It again shows the different things we can do. We have worked on an event similar to this in the past called ‘Take me out’ 

All in all this event was really enjoyable. It was great helping out an old friend. Again it was an experience that taught me how to be efficient with equipment, how to work under pressure, and improved my networking skills.



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