My RunwayLDN

My Runway LDN is a fashion show which seamlessly combines all the best bits of urban fashion, art, and music to create a well rounded production with a difference. My Runway showcases the best of the U.K’s undiscovered musical talents, as well as models and designers. This year it was hosted my Eddie Kaddie a well known comedian from London. The show was also held at the London, Indigo, 02 arena which is a mean feet for anyone one, especially for a company as young as this. Myself and another member of Our Notion Works attended the event a long side our host Whitney. Our job was to do some photography, and film Whitney interviewing the models and designers before and after the catwalk. Due to the fact the event was so big there was a lot of break down in communication between where we were suppose to be and what time we were suppose to start. This meant that when we arrived we were  unable to receive our backstage passes, prohibited from doing the backstage interviews, which was morale dampening. Although things didn’t fall into place we ploughed on by shooting some extra visuals of the runway and also managed to get some really good shots in the way of photography.

All in all the show was a success and we managed to make the best out of a pretty poor situation. It was good for us to have the experience of working is such a massive and well known venue which will only boost our confidence going forward. The pieces of work we produced on this night in particular has and will continue to contribute to the growth of our brand and my professional experience. This event has taught me the importance of communication between myself and the hiring company whilst freelancing. It also taught me and reinstated the fact that events like this and weddings also will not always go your way due to the high pressures and high demands which is required, this just means I will have to prepare myself even more than usual and keep positive and prepared whilst on these sorts of jobs.

Below are a few pictures I took on the night, stage side.


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