Idea 2 (Initial stages)

watlinggardens2The second idea for my FMP proposal has a much darker theme to it. It revolves around the death a young black male Afolabi Oyodele who was murdered in Kilburn, London in 1994. The narrative was brought to my attention by Adewale Shittu a member of O.N.W. He has become friends with the deceased brother Yomi. The interest in this horrific incident and our potential chance to document it through our eyes happened organically. It has been months of communication between Adewale and Yomi talking and discussing the incident on a friendship level and at a production level. When Wale informed us about the idea I was very skeptical about embarking on the project as I felt the topic was too close to home, and predictable for us.  Also I feel like we will have many problems balancing the entertainment factor of the documentary and it’s sensitivity  in respects to Afolabi’s family and friends. Although after conversations with Yomi this doesn’t seem as big as an issue as first feared.

He has gone into detail declaring that he dosen’t want the documentary to be about the actual death of his brother but the affects it has on the family and friends. He also suggested we release two versions one for family and friends and the other to be submitted for other purposes which again would enable more freedom on our part.

This project is not only exciting, but sensitive and untouched. We will be the first ones to document an in-depth look into this case, highlighting particular issues, and giving the family more closure and a chance to voice their opinions in hindsight.

My vision:

Having an reenactment segment which can be chopped up and placed in various parts of the documentary in a distorted fashion and perhaps not in order.

Focus on tempo to keep people engaged

Also to create a soundscape of street sounds, cars screeching with so much detail and precision that the audio floods your ears and ignites your imagination.


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