Inspiration – Damilola Taylor

_1081248_damilola_300Following my previous, I have spent time over the past few days watching documentaries and films which harbour the same topics and issues which will potentially arise in our documentary. I stumbled across a popular documentary at the time which was released years after the initial incident took place. I’am talking about the death of the Late Damilola Taylor. As a child I remember the huge implications this death had on London and my family who like Damilola are Nigerian. It sent shock waves and made many people in and around the ghetto’s of London fearful.

When watching this documentary I was so intrigued and engaged by its content that I almost forgot to look at it through my analytical eye. In the hope to take tips and points, and to pick out the flaws in aim to educate ourselves on what not to do. It followed the traditional codes and conventions of a documentary embodying interviews, archive imagery, and narration which was great. It was also very informative and well structured. We may not have the same budget as the producers of this documentary but I want our to harbour similar production values and content.

The things I have taken from this documentary are as follows:

  • Start with powerful one line quotes from important people which may appear in my detail later (could also tell the narrative) This worked really well and was engaging.
  • Time-lapses of amazing imagery.
  • Important facts and figures about the general area, painting the picture.
  • Having a constant leader and investigator who is the V/O and interviewer, as you begin to build a relationship with them. Also their introduction is key why do I want to see this narrative through their eyes? What relevance do they have? This was well structured in the documentary.
  • Main interview which can always be referred back to.
  • Different specialist in the different fields around the death i.e forensics.
  • Overview (map) of death where? how far? journey? intentions. I think this makes us visualise what has actually happened.
  • 999 phone call is also very dramatic and interesting. It makes the incident more real.
  • Archive footage and cutaways were also very effective in this documentary.

These are the key elements which I will aim to implement into our documentary. I learnt so much about documentary making through this media text and it has really opened my eyes to particular aspects.


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