My role as director

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For our proposed documentary of the death of Afolabi Oyodele I will be the Director. This is perfect for me because I love directing and in nearly all of the projects that I have taken part in I have been instilled with the responsibility of giving direction. I have directed films such as ‘Rendezvous‘ ‘Questions of a man 2‘ and ‘Through the lens‘ not to mention a few others in my short time at this integral post. My keen love for acting and poetry help me immensely whilst directing. It is important to be able to project your voice, articulate your words and speak with clarity when directing. Also when directing a film it is important for me to be able to act out the characters roles because at times stage directions are not enough to convey the instruction. Directing a film and directing a doc are two completely different things and the challenges are at times incomparable. For me film is more about creating a character and bringing it to life, where as documentary is about accepting character and bringing out its truths, and this is what I aim to do. My love for poetry ties in closely neatly with my desire to write scripts. Even though when making a documentary you don’t necessarily have a script per say although the need for control, and hints for the subjects is needed if you want the text flow and feel complete and cohesive.

I never fear any task or project because I believe in my ability and I know what my team is capable of, but I’d be a fool to say uncovering and looking into a death won’t be treacherous and daunting task. This project will not only be emotional for the subjects in question but for ourselves as film makers. In saying this there will be a strong battle between emotions/ sensitivity more so from the family and chasing the art as practitioners. As the director I feel a huge responsibility to give this narrative the right sort of care and attention that it requires. I will work extremely hard to gather the plans to make this documentary a huge success.

A big inspiration of mine is Tyler Perry. I love the nature of his films. They tend to be emotional, dark, love films with a strong message and core. I’ve always said Action films make the most money but Drama’s make the most sense. The complexity of relationships and feelings surprise me even till today and I love to capture this. No pun intended. This documentary will enable me to show love, relationships, and deep emotion in a real way and this excites. I also admire Noel Clark and Danny Boyle the maker of ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ for the reality they portray in their films. There isn’t much difference in the way of character between ‘Trife‘ from ‘Kidulthood‘ and ‘Jamal‘ from ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘. They are both on a journey to better their lives, and they are both more emotionally connected then other characters which could be seen as weak but it gives them a purpose and a reason for the audience to attach themselves to their struggle. This is what I want to achieve with our documentary. Granted there is a huge this in location and matter but they are very similar.

In our website for this documentary I was also responsible for ‘Content’ page. On this page I go into detail about the world and around the documentary and different contextual elements which surround it.

I will continue to look further into other directors, films, books in the aim to fully embody my role as director.


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