Inspiration – The murder Detectives

As my research process draws on I continue to come across amazing texts which help change and improves my vision for my proposed doc. Today I watched a few episodes of ‘The murder detectives’ a show that looks at particular murders that have occurred in the U.K, and gives us an insight into how the family who are left behind feel. The murders tend to be young people which deepens the blow and the shock for the family and the general public. Ozzy and Sue from episode 1 speak out about the fatal attack their son endured. This is very emotional and heart felt and I think will touch the heart strings of many.

The key points:

  • The handheld/ shaky camera makes it gritty, raw and authentic. It gives the impression that there is nothing to hide and is extremely transparent.
  • There is an excellent use of sound in this documentary. They used it to help create the wanted emotion which can be predictable at times but I think it works. Also the background noise like the dog barking adds to the complexity of the piece. It is showing us that their real life or at least what they want us to perceive as the subjects real life.
  • Cutaways and still are very simple but effective in this piece text especially when the dialogue is used and reflects the stills.
  • They also got the subjects to talk a lot about he it made them, in addition this murders are still relatively fresh which brings out the raw and current emotion.
  • They also used black screens with text to inform about certain facts, dates and names which works really well.

This show really helped me to improve on my ideas for the documentary. It’s rawness and simplicity really works. It is a very stripped back approach which could be effective for my proposed documentary. All in all I will take away with me the significance sound has on a piece of text.


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