Up & coming sport

A few days ago I was in London doing an instruction sports video for a new company called ‘Up & coming sports’. They are a ‘ sports research company that offers strength and conditioning programs to young players in football. Our work consists of assisting players at all levels in physical development irrespective of the level of … More Up & coming sport

My evaluation

During this journey of first deciding what I wanted to achieve from my FMP, I purposely immersed myself in the thought of what makes me happy and what are the creative goals in which I yearn for? The first ideas, which came to mind, were emotion, passion, and feeling. From here on in my job … More My evaluation

My FMP Proposal

The artefact is the ‘A bit about Frank’ film which I directed in the winter it is not completely finished yet but is an ongoing project and also the voice over from Yomi Oyedele. Bibliography A Time to Kill. Dir.Joel Schumacher. Regency Enterprises, 1996. Film.  For colored girls. Dir. Tyler Perry. Lion’s Gate, 2010. Film. Kathleen … More My FMP Proposal


Here are some screenshots of the contacts we have made with various people and organisations which we would like to feature in our documentary. I have spoken further to teachers and friends about my documentary and they all seem to be intrigued about our documentary matter and how the case unravelled which is great. It … More Evidence

Religion and Death

Christianity – Christian beliefs about the afterlife vary between denominations and individual Christians, but vast majority of Christians believe in some kind of heaven, in which believers enjoy the presence of God and other believers and freedom from suffering and sin. Most of the Christians follow the idea that Jesus died on the cross for … More Religion and Death

The 6 modes of Documentary film making

Here’s what I found… Poetic Documentary – This is mostly aligning audio and footage in a way which focuses on tone, rhythm, or spatial juxtaposition. As opposed to a traditional and linear form of film making. This poetic style is normally used to provoke emotion. Expository Documentary – This form is more authoritative and informative. There … More The 6 modes of Documentary film making

Ethics in documentary film making

‘The Center for Social Media Director Pat Aufderheide discusses the findings of our report, Honest Truths: Documentary Filmmakers on Ethical Challenges in their Work, and leads the audience in a discussion about how they would handle different but common ethical situations that arise in documentary filmmaking. ‘ This video was very long but insightful. It … More Ethics in documentary film making

Story telling

 ‘Geeta Ramanujam is the founder and Executive Director of Kathalaya Trust and the Academy of Storytelling.She established and founded the Academy of Storytelling the only Globally recognized Academy for Storytelling in the World a culmination of her vision and wisdom Spanning over 32 years in the field of education she is an internationally renowned storyteller, … More Story telling

Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

In reference to previous post on 1994 Section 60, Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, 1994 is an item of legislation developed to increase police powers in times of public disorder or potential disorder and provides police with wide powers to stop and search people, vehicles and vessels and to require the removal of face coverings or … More Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994