Key research from Books

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Book 1 – Writing, directing and producing documentary films and video. By Alan Rosenthal. 2007

‘When I have to confront what is obviously a broad essay topic – I prefer to look at the general through the particle’. pg. 66

‘Films need an angel from which to tell story in the most interesting, riveting, and entertainment fashion. pg. 68.

‘It should present an interesting, well shaped, story with rhythm that lead to a satisfying resolution’ pg.70

‘If you want to use dramatic or fantasy sequences, then go ahead’. Pg. 73.

If a documentary director makes a mistake on a one time event; there will be no film to speak of.’ pg. 80.

Book 2 Hate crime . By Nathon Hall. 2005

‘The more we widen the search for prejudice in criminal behaviour, the more we will find it’. pg. 77.

‘Understanding different types of hate motivation and specific indicators associated with these have been shown to be useful in identifying and prosecuting hate crimes providing appropriate services in hate crime victims’. pg 86.

‘Tools that assist government agencies in understanding and effectively dealing with hate crime incidents may be our best effort towards curtailing this brand of violence.’ pg. 88.

Book 3Young Killers (The challenge of juvenile homicide). By Kathleen M. Heide. PH. D. 1999.

‘Research on youth murderers has been primary descriptive. Not surprisingly psychogenic explanations. 9e.g mental illness, defective intelligence, childhood trauma’. pg. 29.

‘Most research has focused on male adolescents because they comprise the overwhelming majority of juvenile homicides offenders.’ pg. 30.

These are a few of the books I have been reading to help me understand better the particle side of documentary making and the psychology or murderers. I will use this knowledge to help shape the documentary. I think the most helpful quote was from book 1. It is giving me the freedom to be as dramatic and fantasy like as possible. Not limiting to all the traditional codes and conventions of a documentary.



 Alan Rosenthal (2007) Writing, directing and producing documentary films and video. By . 2007

Nathon Hall (2005). Crime. Devon: Willian Publishing. pg. 77- 88.

Young Killers (The challenge of juvenile homicide). By Kathleen M. Heide. PH. D. 1999.


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