Questions of a man 2


Questions of a man 2 is poetry video which I wrote and directed a few months ago. I also  went on to choose the main actress for the project, which was Christina Okorocha who went on to do a fantastic job. For this project I was also the  sound technician, I recorded the audio in a studio in east London along side the two main female vocalists. I then seamlessly incorporated all the themes of the poem into the shot generation process in the aim to bring the visuals to life in a cohesive manor. The camera department was on hand to capture the City filled concept which I put together. The main editor finished the film by adding his own very creative touch.

In the end I managed to create a poetry video, which best represents the themes and the feelings of this emotional poem ‘Questions of a man 2’. The text is very much contemporary and very relatable to a wide range of audiences, especially the younger generation.

I really enjoyed working on this project because it gave me the freedom to be creative across my different skill sets. On set we had a very limited time to film as the main actress had to leave to handle other commitments. This meant the team and I had to work extremely quickly and efficiently to get the shoot done. I was also able to build relationships whilst on set. Like for example  I was able to build a chemistry with the lead actress Christina who now trusts me when it comes to directing due to the success of the video. She is incredibly talented and is now someone I can call upon when I need a female actress for a film or music video in the future.

This sort of networking and collaboration will continue to build my name and reputation in the media industry. Work like this also keeps me current  and on the tip of potential clients and collaborators tongues.

The importance of having the right poster for your marketing campaign can not be stressed. The poster on the right is the first design the graphics designer came up with it. Although it was different and technically good I thought it was too complicated and did not represent well themes of the poem. Also it lacked a professional edge. The one is left is his second attempt after I gave him some much needed direction. This poster is much cleaner, technically sound and also encompasses the feeling of the short film.’The poster, which encompasses the message and feeling of the film, will be the main source of attention for people wanting read about that movie’ (Film industry 2011). This poster was used as the main source of attention for my target audience. It also did relatively well as it received many retweets and over 600 views on vimeo with a limited push which was created mainly by me.

During project I learnt a lot about marketing, directing and working productively in an extremely tight space of time.


Alexander, I. (2011) Why movie poster art is so important. Available at: (Accessed: 1 January 2016).



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