Inspiration – Speaking to Ken

We spoke to one of our lecturers about our documentary idea and his feedback was very insightful and helpful. He spoke to us about ethical procedures, and ways to get around certain problems. He put us in perspective of other participants. What everyone was feeling, how they saw the events and so fourth. He said we should look at the documentary almost like a film knowing each character and motive without actually showing this to the audience. I think his most interesting thing he said was how we have to find away to not say the complete story but also not ending up with  the audience lost and asking why. We will have to find an intelligent method to explain the narrative without going into too much detail, exposes certain names, characters and given up legal knowledge. Challenging. He also enlightened us about our U.S.P which we weren’t completely aware of. This is the fact that this case is 20 years old and has never been touched. Daunting. His criticism and feedback was he like the idea but he can not see our vision as of yet. He encouraged to focus on the pain and the positives which came along with it. In conclusion this discussion was very helpful he even pointed us in the direction of a documentary which went on to be the main stimulus for our documentary which was great. Thank you Ken.


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