Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

In reference to previous post on 1994

Section 60, Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, 1994 is an item of legislation developed to increase police powers in times of public disorder or potential disorder and provides police with wide powers to stop and search people, vehicles and vessels and to require the removal of face coverings or disguises (60AA, Sub-section 4A in Scotland). It also provides the power to seize anything which could be used as a weapon or disguise. In order to counter balance this, the authorisation must be made for a specific geographic area and by an officer of at least the rank of Inspector and for a maximum duration of 24 hours. If made by an officer below the rank of Superintendent, the officer must notify a superintending rank as soon as practical.

The conditions are

      (1)If a police officer of or above the rank of inspector reasonably believes—
      (a)that incidents involving serious violence may take place in any locality in his police area, and that it is expedient to give an authorisation under this section to prevent their occurrence, or
        (b)that persons are carrying dangerous instruments or offensive weapons in any locality in his police area without good reason,he may give an authorisation that the powers conferred by this section are to be exercisable at any place within that locality for a specified period not exceeding 24 hours (

Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, 1994 Sec 60)

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My thoughts

The irony is this law was made or revamped the same year in which Afolabi died. The purpose of the law is to help the police and protect and serve ultimately. It gave more power to the men on duty enabling them to stop and search, check vehicles, and seize anything that could be a weapon. It also meant there was more responsibility on the police because they had to be more vigilant in there different areas whilst on the clock. On that fatal day 7th July the car the perpetrators were in was tinted and they were equipped with weapons and swords. This new law came into affect in november of the same year. Perhaps if this law was in place somebody would’ve stopped and searched the tinted car, or maybe there would’ve been a police man in the local area looking for anything suspicious. Sadly we will never know but it is always good to look at things in hindsight.




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