Story telling

 ‘Geeta Ramanujam is the founder and Executive Director of Kathalaya Trust and the Academy of Storytelling.She established and founded the Academy of Storytelling the only Globally recognized Academy for Storytelling in the World a culmination of her vision and wisdom Spanning over 32 years in the field of education she is an internationally renowned storyteller, an Ashoka fellow,trainer,educator ,academician and administrator.’

From –

Here is a video about story telling which I found. I found this text for educational, it taught me a lot about the basic fundamentals of story telling. For our documentary we will have to think carefully about how we want to convey the narrative. Timing, sounds, and visual will be so important in our text. The lady spoke about the relationship between the story teller and the audience and how we have to engage the audience so that they will engage with us. I really believe in this. I feel lime we have access out target audience, study them, and then engage them. Not only in the actual text but before this. In the way of marketing, posters, trailers, and so fourth.

She spoke about the various elements of story telling:

  • Voice (This will be our mode or style)
  • Sound
  • Gestures (This will be influenced by editing)

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