My evaluation

During this journey of first deciding what I wanted to achieve from my FMP, I purposely immersed myself in the thought of what makes me happy and what are the creative goals in which I yearn for? The first ideas, which came to mind, were emotion, passion, and feeling. From here on in my job became simple. I knew I had to create or be apart of a text, which would produce these sorts of chemical reactions.

I have developed my understanding of documentary filmmaking. The countless possibilities and angles you can portray a narrative from and the importance of unraveling the truth. From reading books and watching documentaries like Werner Herzog’s ‘From one second to the next’ I have learnt that you can exude the same amount of fantasy features in a documentary as you would do in fictional sci-fi. It’s completely up to you, as long as you remain true to the narrative and the subjects involved. I have also learnt about different laws and how new legislations could’ve positively affected previous cases. For example how the Joint enterprise doctrine of 11/12 may have given the perpetrators more time behind bars and prompted the accomplices to give up the name of the murderer.

I challenged myself by taking on the role of director in such a delicate and untouched subject matter. I realize that there will be a lot of pressure on me to lead, encourage, and transmit my vision of the documentary to the crew and all of the participants involved. I will take inspiration from Tyler Perry a director and screen write and also Werner Herog. As they always have clear and simple directions which is shown through they’re text. My previous experience as a director will aid me in this project and I hope after this text I will become a matured and cultured director.

In the future I would like to try my hand at producing as I think this is something I tend to shy away from. I think mastering this role would also broaden my skill set and make me a useful tool. For this module and looking at my FMP going forward I would also like to gather more primary research from family, friends and so by spending time and studying them which would’ve made my CW2 hand in more contextual and reliable.

I will continue to develop my interests by working hard and focusing on my intentions and goals, which is to create emotion and feeling. This means creating and outlining a clear picture that my team and I completely endorse and love. I will do this by continuing my research, contacting people, and watching more text for inspiration. Similar to ‘Tupac: Resurrection’ and ‘Damilola – Death of a 10-year-old boy’.

To conclude I would say I’m content with the amount of progress my team and I have been making towards cw2 but also understand it is not about a deadline but creating a masterpiece. The research is evident even though there is always room for more. I just have to look at applying everything I have learnt in my 3 and half years of university and implement it into my documentary ‘22 Years Later’ which will be my most challenging project to date.


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