Up & coming sport

11899743_1481627568797638_2600547928843490880_nA few days ago I was in London doing an instruction sports video for a new company called ‘Up & coming sports’. They are a ‘ sports research company that offers strength and conditioning programs to young players in football. Our work consists of assisting players at all levels in physical development irrespective of the level of football they play at. We know that efficient physical development gives young athletes the foundations & confidence to excel at all levels of the game. (Up & coming 2016). I was especially enthused to work with the brand as they care so much about the well being young athletes in local communities.

So I went down to the park with a colleague of mine bright and earlier to start filming. A few days before the shoot the head of the company Chris and I spoke about what he wanted the video to be like and the sorts of things he needed. We mapped it out in preparation for the shoot to make things easier on the day. He told me to watch some videos online for inspiration. One being a Nike academy drill session (Nike football, 2016) online. From this video and many others I learnt a lot about the sorts of shots which were used, the importance of replays, timers and having a clear voice over to explain what is going on the videos.

On the day, we were filming for a few hours taking a range of different shots and fulfilling the brief. The directing I had to do was some what different from the directing I normally do on set. I had to position the sports player, tell him when to run, tell him how to stand and also film at the same time. This was very testing but I managed to pull through relatively well. On set I knew that the hardest part of the production would be the editing down all the clips we had to make sense in a cohesive manor.

The owner Chris had watched my poetry video’s and saw some of my film directing work and asked if I could do the voice over for the tutorials. I was taken back by the request and I did not want to do it at first but then after I thought why not, it was a great opportunity for me to push myself. I knew that even though I’am relatively inexperienced at doing voice overs it was still an additional service which had to be accounted for so he added this unto the proposed bill for the video. I really enjoyed doing the voice over as it gave me a chance to play with my voice and challenge myself to see if I could pull off a job like this.  This is something I may consider going into in the future.

Editing all the relevant sound clips together with the pieces of footage was not easy. It was a very long and tedious task. We then had to add on all the relevant titles and branding before the video was complete. In total it took us 2 days to edit the video, while working on other projects.

The client was very stratified with the video and has since asked us to work with him again. I really enjoyed working on this product because It is something I have never don’t before. It has also opened me up to the idea of doing more promotional and commercial work in the future with my brand O.N.W. Below is the finished product.


Up & coming  sport (2016) Home. Available at: http://www.upandcomingsports.co.uk (Accessed: 22 January 2016).

Nike Football (2013) Nike academy: Keep in shape over holidays. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCjKtIwPOUs (Accessed: 20 January 2016).


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