Cinéma vérité

‘Cinéma Vérité Practices set in motion by the legendary trio of documentary founders were profoundly shaken up in the 1960s revolution that was variously called cinema verite’, observational cinema, and direct cinema. This style broke dramatically with then-standard documentary practices of advance planning, scripting, staging, lighting, reenactment, and interviewing. All these traditional approaches had accommodated … More Cinéma vérité

The breakdown

Production Schedule  Pre-Production Late January/February Draft of treatment Finalised Treatment Storyboard Meeting with the Oyodele Family Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign (Crowdfunding) Funding hunting  February Location Permission Location Reece Risk Assessments Storyboard Test shoot Production  March Hire Equipment Finalised storyboard 6 day Shoot (Production) Reshoot if major problem during  Post Production April Log Footage EDL Rough Cut Test … More The breakdown

Developing the narrative

So we decided to go for the theme of being unnoticed for the various reasons mentioned within the voice recording. According to the Macmillan dictionary unnoticed means ‘not seen or noticed by anyone’ (Macmillan 2009) which is very interesting. For me unnoticed means to go under the radar, perhaps under appreciated, silent, submissive and maybe meek. The aim is … More Developing the narrative

Implementing change!

Even though we have spent a lot of time working on and planning this project as a group we came to the realisation that we haven’t been doing enough. We also acknowledge that there wasn’t enough structure in the way of planning for this documentary. So we took action. We carefully designed an in-depth planner … More Implementing change!

Joining professional networks

In this post I will speak about the professional networks which I have joined since the start of this module. Creative access – – This site has exclusive interns and jobs for ethnic minorities. Film London – – This is site with many media connects with London The media directory – – This site has … More Joining professional networks