Skyping Richard James

Today I had a Skype call with Richard James. He is a very experienced wedding photographer and videographer and he is also well versed in the world of producing.

Richard James in action!

I got in contact with James through the university. I wanted to learn more about wedding photography and handling a business which offers these sorts of services and they pointed me in James’s direction. Even though my main focus long term is film directing and screenwriting I realise that before I can fully focus on this I will need to make a living by doing more domestic jobs like wedding photography and videography. So my collective and I O.N.W have decided to broaden our wedding and events sector in our business in order to fund our dream jobs. In my case this includes directing short films, making documentaries and directing music videos.

The lengthy Skype call he went on talk about a load of interesting and new things which I will need to take into consideration like;

  • Appealing to a feminine audience as most wedding photographers/ videographers are picked out by the bride.
  • Being SEO friendly and knowing how to boost this
  • The different packages you should offer
  • Competition
  • Attending wedding fairs

There were a number of others things he went into detail about like separating your brand into different sectors so that people can know and see clearly which services you offer. also stressed the importance of branding and how the name ‘Our notion works’ maybe vague in terms of media production names. This is something which really stuck with me because currently for my brand it is quite difficult to focus on one thing we do or specialise in as we want to do so much. This means our target audience is spaced out everywhere and this makes it really hard for us to reach them efficiently. When speaking to James he roughly said that the best way to reach our different audiences is by ‘defining and subdividing a large homogenous market into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics. Its objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectations of customers in the targeted segment’ (Business dictionary 2016). By reading further into what he said I managed to find much more information about the importance of dividing your audience in order to reach them.

Being SEO friendly is also something we need to be in order to be one of the first names that pop up when you type in ‘Wedding videographers in London’ for example. After the call I went to learn more about the importance of SEO and how people writing about your brand can really help with marketing, here is what I found. ‘Let’s say you create a piece of content and share it on Twitter. It gets over 1,000 retweets. Does Google care? Not particularly. Now let’s say that, because of all these shares, an editor of a top website notices it and decided to feature it (and link to it) on their site. Does Google care now? Absolutely! (Screaming frog 2014). So we will employ bloggers and writers to write pieces on the brand, our services and our up coming products to help boost our SEO.

We will now package our wedding services differently now. Here is what James told us to do;

  • Bronze package – (Church ceremony) Half day – £800 – Includes pictures and video -Basic album and DVD
  • Silver package – (Bridal prep) – First dance, ceremony, small segment of the party – £1500 – £2000
  • Gold package – Bridal prep & groom prep, ceremony, first dance, album, graphic painting, interviewer – £3000 and upwards

These price plans make it easier to offer affair but worth while service. It also means that we will not need an entire team to go to a bronze packaged wedding for example improving our efficiency as a brand.

He also pointed us in the direction of Creative England which is a platform designed to give creative young people and businesses the opportunity to have a voice. This again was very helpful and we will look further in this in the up coming weeks.

All in all the this Skype conversation was very helpful. He spoke in-depth about the things we need to work on and how he sustains and gets clients in this very competitive industry. He also said we should to wedding venues to see if we can work as their in house film team and so fourth. Everything he said was very useful and I am eternally grateful. Richard James is now one of professional contacts.


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