Developing the narrative

So we decided to go for the theme of being unnoticed for the various reasons mentioned within the voice recording. According to the Macmillan dictionary unnoticed means ‘not seen or noticed by anyone’ (Macmillan 2009) which is very interesting. For me unnoticed means to go under the radar, perhaps under appreciated, silent, submissive and maybe meek. The aim is to create abstract imagery which will cleverly demonstarte this theme of being unnoticed within the documentary. It will also act like chapter headers and divide the documentary into different parts encasing interviews, archive footage and demonstrations. This will also be accompanied with poetry. We are working on the different methods of taking the audience on an emotional journey from shock to sadness back through to happiness within our text. This narrative is not all doom and gloom there are positives we want to carefully portray to the audience, along with the deeper background message which is to eradicate senseless acts in our communities.

Whilst researching about how to take your audience on an emotional journey I stumbled across a page which set out 8 different methods of story telling which I found interesting.  The one which I liked most and was also best suited to my narrative was no.5 and is entitled ‘In medias res’. This is when you start the narrative in the heat of the action and retell the story backwards from there. This is what we will aim to do. ‘By dropping your audience right into the most exciting part of your story they’ll be gripped from the beginning and will stay engaged to find out what happens’ (Ffion Lindsay, 2014, Sparkol). We want to shook the audience with archive funeral footage and then reveal what happened slowly with interviews, and this quote aids me in my views.

We also want to use this documentary as a platform to give the family a voice, an opinion. They have almost been screaming out for years with nobody to truly hear what they have to say. This ties in well with the notion and theme of being ‘Unnoticed’. We have set up the arch of the film as followed; (journey or questions for family)

  • What did you want to say to ‘Afo’ when he died? The killer? to friends? family? the world?
  • How has the journey been? How did it feel to be voiceless? What did you learn?
  • What is your message now? How has it changed? What you say to ‘Afo’ now?

What abstract imagery are you going to use?

Currently we are thinking long and hard about how are creatively going demonstrate the theme of being unnoticed. One idea I came up with his having these helium balloons being let go in a busy place like central London to see who actually stops to notice. Perhaps if  we start with letting one off, then 3, 6, 9, maybe up to 22 just to see when people start taking notice. Good idea? I’m not sure there are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong but I think it is a decent starting point.


 Dictionary, M. (2009) Unnoticed definition and synonyms. Available at: (Accessed: 4 March 2016).

Ffion Lindsay. (2014). 8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations. Available: Last accessed 20th Feb 2016.


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