Locations are extremely important as they help to tell the story.‘The location settings are often integral to both the story being told and the costs of telling that story’ (Joh Garon 2009: 160). In this post I will go over the specific locations we used, why we used them and how we found them. When … More Locations


So after the final casting of all the main characters it was important for me as the director to get the team together and begin rehearsals. So everyone weekend for 5 weeks consecutively we held rehearsals at Barking Library in Essex. I picked this location due to it’s accessibility, the space outside and because I … More Rehearsals

The Auditions Tapes

In this post I will be speaking about the casting process we carried out for the actors in our short film. The first step we took was making and building our character profiles. We first needed to understand them before we could cast them. I spoke about this in further detail in my previous post. … More The Auditions Tapes

The plan for the Auditions

Plan for the Auditions (These auditions took place a few months ago)  Team members attending: Casting director – Rikita Samuel                        Ast. Director – Jesse Audition coach – Elisa                                           Audition coach/ Ast. Director – Josh PR team – Christina                                                 Location team – Abisola Location: Beckton youth center, 14 East Ham Manor Way, London E6 5NG (3minute … More The plan for the Auditions

Legend (2015)

To learn more about the east end and the ways in which I could develop ‘Frank’ from my film ‘A bit about Frank’ in particular, I watched Legend (2015) which was directed by Brian Helgeland and Starred Tom Hardy. To study the role of ‘Reggie Kray’ in the film. General overview  The film Legend is an adaptation … More Legend (2015)