Unnoticeably Abstract

A blind beggar at the Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal.

As the theme of our film is based around the notion of being ‘Unnoticed’ we decided to add an abstract element which will subtly describe this theme as the narrative progresses. As mentioned in a previous post  we decided to go for this abstract piece to take the pressure off not having a tremendous amount of archive footage. We also are not having an reenactment scene due to complications with sensitivity and technical difficulties. I will now go into the different ideas we managed to conjure up from our group meeting;

  • Adewale Shittu the producer in our project came up with the idea of having someone knocking at a door which is goes unanswered. He also suggested that the knock should increase in tempo and pace as the narrative progresses.


  • Another idea was to show a child seeking attention from his parents. As he goes unnoticed he will begin to cry and throw tantrum in the aim to gain his parents love and attention. This will symbolise the feeling the notion of being ‘Unnoticed’. This idea is very good although it will require a lot of work, especially in terms of acquiring  the licenses and having to go through the entire casting stage. This is an idea we will thoroughly look into because as a team we really liked this one in particular.


  • My idea was more of a social experiment. I wanted to see how many helium balloons we would need to release in a busy area for people to turn around and take notice. We would film the process as discreetly as possible hiding cameras and the crew. I would release the balloons in small clusters but increase  the amount over time. This would symbolise how things can sometimes go under radar. It also poses the question of how close or loud does something have to be before you realise it’s there?. This will be very tricky to film.  Catching by standers reactions discreetly will not be easy. We will also need permission to film from the council and the bystanders participation. And quite frankly there is so much that could go wrong. Food for thought.


  • Lastly Omar the DOP suggested we film a silhouette of a man which over time begins to come into the light so you can clearly see the subject. We then expanded on this idea by having each member of the immediate family in this silhouette, and then at each interval one person will be revealed. I think this is a pretty simple idea which could work. Personally I would prefer if we did not use any of the family members for this abstract piece. I want it to almost be it’s own film.

We are still deliberating about what idea to go with. Over the comings we would have decided and most likely shot this part of our film.


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