Weekly updates (1)

  • This week we finished mapping out the structure of our documentary. We now have our 16 part structure which may change slightly depending on a few variables.
  • We are also scheduled to meet Yomi, Afolabi’s younger brother and their uncle to discuss the documentary, sign paper work, and view some of the locations. I will document about the locations and how our meeting went next week.
  • We also spoke about how we were going to abstractly demonstrate our theme of being ‘Unnoticed’ for the intervals in our documentary. We came up with various which I we go into detail about in the following post. Although we are still undecided about how we should go about this.
  • We also received negative news from Tulip Siddiq the MP for Kilburn. She is unable to participate in our documentary due to having a very hectic schedule. The only consolations we can take from this is the fact she liked our documentary idea and she also referred us to Citizens U.K. ‘Citizens UK organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good.’ (Citizen UK, 1996)
  • We looked into crowd funding and began our campaign. I will speak further on the next post.
  • We also did a test shoot to see how we wanted our interviews lit. Footage will be posted up shortly.
  • I also completed the treatment. Draft 1. Which we be posted shortly.

Overall this weeks productivity level will be defined by how successful the meeting with Yomi and the uncle is this weekend. Time is flying before our eyes but we have the power to determine how productive our time is. We will need to work harder and focus in on acquiring funding and organising the logistics as I feel like this side of pre production is lacking the most.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 01.00.19


Malan, A. (2016) Citizens UK. Available at: http://www.citizensuk.org (Accessed: 6 March 2016).Link to Citizen U.K Website – http://www.citizensuk.org


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