The budget

Here is the file link to our proposed budget, it is still a working progress and will change over the coming weeks.

Budget FMP 22 years later

We are still in negations with the family over our main source of funding. They are not to keen on crowd funding as I mentioned in the previous post. They would prefer if the family funded it in the aim to inherit more control over what happens with the film.  A main focus for us in terms of budgeting is leaving enough money aside for the marketing and distribution for the film. ‘It’s also crucial that you have an ongoing plan for how you are going to get the word out and a budget for putting your plan into action’ (Marketing 2011). The family agin are not too keen on our targets for distribution, hence why they don’t want to add marketing costs into their proposed budget. They clearly want the documentary for sentimental reasons, while we are doing it for much more than that. These blurred lines between family and film has really dampened our moods and has a huge bearing over what we are going to with the film once it’s done. If the family are not willing to budge then we may have to look at alternatives solutions, which ultimately could mean scrapping the film.


Marketing, E.C. (2011) The importance of a marketing budget. Available at: (Accessed: 4 March 2016).


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