The family -Test footage

Here is some test footage shot in London last week by our producer Adewale Shittu. He went down to the capital to meet the brothers as mentioned in my previous post. This was the first time he had met the two other brother due to busy schedules on  the family’s side. During the meeting he was able to discuss the film in- depth and learn more about the siblings and the family as a whole. This primary research will prove invaluable when making this documentary, because as the film makers of the projects we will naturally unstained the subjects better.  After the initial meeting our producer went a long to some of the locations which will potentially feature in the documentary. One example being the family home, in Hern Hill. The producer then filmed some observational footage of Yomi one of the siblings talking about his late brother whilst driving. He was delving into his memories of his late brother in a very emotional and insightful manor, which would work great for the documentary in my opinion. This observational method is defiantly a style which we will include in our film. It is a style which engages audiences and fully let’s focus on the fine details of the subjects in a very natural and authentic way. This video clearly shows our intent and processes as film makers. As this project hangs in the balance we will continue to plan and undergo research for it, as we still aim to complete it one day. Even if it is not for our FMP module.


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