D – Day

D-day_-_British_Forces_during_the_Invasion_of_Normandy_6_June_1944_B5246.jpgSo following saturdays meeting and my previous post the team and I had a meeting about our next course of action. After considering all the internal and external factors we have decided to drop ’22 Years later’ the documentary. Due to a lack of sufficient progress and fears that the project will not be completed on time. Here is the full list of why we are scrapping the project.

  • Lack of communication (the family not replying to our messages on time)
  • A lack of urgency from the family
  • Concerns about our methods of acquiring funding (Family want to fund the project, and don’t want people to be able to invest due to sensitivity)
  • The uncle wanting to have a lot of control over the creative process
  • A lack of progress over the last 2 months
  • Yomi and the uncle not fulfilling their weekly objects as promised.

So it’s back to the drawing board. Luckily for us we have a plan B and C in store. As a group we discussed the pros and cons of both. Plan B is a short film called ‘A bit about Frank’ which we have been working on in the past few months for our company. I mentioned this project in 360mc prt 2 when I was initially thinking about FMP ideas. The plan was never to use this film ‘A bit About Frank’ for my final project, but instead the idea that came about from working on the film which is a documentary about the discontentment surrounding die hard West ham fans about their stadium move. As things play out the film ‘A bit About Frank’ is now in contention of being used as our FMP,  It is very much unfinished and could work well for our final project. I attempted to call the Gentleman’s club near the stadium in the hope to reignite the documentary idea but the owner of the club told me that the BBC has now picked up the story, which is disappointing but understandable.  Plan C is creating a concept driven music video for a local London artist. The video will be a short film in its self. These are our two other options. This is not the most ideal situation but it is now something we have to deal with. I will speak in detail about our alternatives in the next post.



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