Plan ‘B’& ‘C’

For a number of weeks now we have been aware that ’22 years later’ the documentary has been on the ropes, so we prepared for the worst as best we could by facilitating alternative avenues to venture down if necessary. In the previous post I spoke about the short film we have in mind along with a music video as plan ‘C’. In this post I will go into  detail about these two options, stating the drawbacks and pros and where we are on making our final decision.

Plan B – Short film – A Bit About Frank

This is a project that O.N.W have been working for a number of months. The good thing is our FMP group consist of the same members as the company. Which makes transferring this project from an external professional matter to an internal educational matter easier. The film is based and is shot in the heart of East London around west ham football club. It is a drama and will be roughly 16 – 20 minutes in length. We have shot parts of the film but we still need to complete the entire post production stage, parts of the production, marketing, and we also need to raise additional funds for the project. So there is a lot to do. Here is the synopsis. Written by myself.

On set

‘This story is all about love and hardship. It starts in the heart of East London where we see best friends Billy 9, and Daniel 10 walking towards a corner shop. Even though Billy is the youngest of pair he is dominating, naughty, and mischievous where as Daniel is the complete opposite. After a long day in the park Billy schemes a way to get Daniel to steal from the local shop, which he does successfully and the boys narrowly escape the grasp of the angry shopkeeper. We then fast-forward a decade to present day where Daniel has just returned back from university for the summer holidays. Billy has been going through it whilst Daniel has been away although he is unaware. He’s been stuck doing dodgy jobs with know hope of leaving the area, and he has also found out that his dad is ill and will pass if he doesn’t receive a new kidney. Billy’s knows he’s played an integral part in the cause of his dads stress and illness so he decides to take matters into his own hands and steps up to do the transplant on the black market, as he is the only family his Dad has. Although because Billy has his own heart complications the NHS did not approve of his application in fear he would die of a heart attack. Unfortunately on that same day of Daniel’s arrival Billy passes away as the procedure takes a turn for the worse. Frank Billy’s father was completely unaware Billy knew he had an illness, and has now lost the last thing he had left. Denise Billy’s X girlfriend is also left the distraught as she feels partly responsible for her friends death as she got Billy is contact with the private doctor. This is an epic tale of best friends who got torn apart by society, love, and decisions. The story harbors some deep underlying thoughts and enigmas like class, and society.’

This will be slightly updated to fit the needs and changes to the cast and crew and our limited time frame. The worry that I and team have is not being able to create a film which is up to standard in the time we have remaining. Especially with all the research which is involved. I wrote and directed the film so I understand the film has mass potential but the production could’ve been stronger in places. Here are my pros and cons:

Pros – Half of the film has been already shot, we have a lot of content which could be bout forward to the blog, we already have most of the cast and crew, we need less funding, our hearts are already attached to the project

Cons – Project may feel stale, still need more funding, some production values could be better, gaps in footage, inpatient actors, lack of shock factor, our hearts are already attached.

Logically doing this project makes the most sense in our limited time frame. The narrative is very strong but we still have a lot to do. 80% CHANCE OF DOING THIS PROJECT.

Plan C – Music Video – Charles Ebose

We have a few artists that we work with. One being Charles Ebose form north London. He is apart of a rap group called ‘unknown’. Ironically, he is the artist that made the soundtrack for A bit about Frank. Now his music video for another one of his songs is going up against the film to be our FMP project. He makes really good jazz/ blues/ rap/ hip-hop music. I know that was a tongue full, but his music is really intriguing and well cultured. As the director for the group I first immerse myself in the track to come up with  the bulk of the ideas, then feed them back to the group. What normally happens after that is the team will help build on my crazy ideas and then they normally tell me whether it is feasible or not. He gave us two tracks to chose from. One called ‘Winehouse’ and the other ‘You can do’. Below I will list the ideas which I came up with for the videos.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 01.26.38
Charles Ebose in ‘My day’ shot by O.N.W

Charles Ebose –  Winehouse – Concept 1

I first saw this video taking place in a sunny vineyard perhaps in France. With both the artist and a female actor, and perhaps the vineyard owner. Charles and the actor will be workers dressed in appropriate and worn out attire. The basic and initial narrative for the video will be about love in a vineyard (finding love in a hopeless place). This couple go through trials and tribulations but the man is out prove his love for this women. The vineyard is a metaphor of where they have started as raw ingredients and how they’re love has been transfused together in the aim to make fine wine. The vineyard owner will act as the stumbling block for the couple, forcing them to work and separating them when they are working. In the end the couple will run into the vine house and take comfort in the shelter/ or they will run off into the fields. Perhaps the narrative will end ‘To be continued’ to give the illusion of endless love or the unwritten end.

Grape vineyard

Initial thoughts from the group – the idea may be too expansive. Getting the artist and actor to a french vineyard in the limited time we have may be too challenging. What vineyard? The amount of immediate funding needed is too high. Good idea but not entirely realistic.

After taking their feedback on board I reconstructed the idea in a more feasible manor. Here it is.

Charles Ebose – Winehouse – Concept 2

Charles will be in a open white room. With old an old wooden floor, opened windows with white blowing curtains in them. The room will be very empty, cold and blue. The female actor will be around him shouting at him and pacing up and down accompanied with stills of the couple with a huge emphasis on proximity and positioning. Before this we will see cutaways of Charles face, shirt, hands and so fourth. The purpose of the chair in the middle of the room is to create the feeling of emptiness. Charles finally get’s the courage to face his fears by addressing his girlfriend by getting up and taking her downstairs. As they go through a door they end up in wine cellar/ wine house. It is very dark, red, and romantic. There are two glasses and he gives her some wine to drink. He holds and kisses her, and then they almost chase each other in the room. He holds her reassuring her that everything will be alright, comparing their love to wine.

The location will be similar to this at the beginning

Initial thoughts from the group – they thought this idea was more feasible and realistic, they are not surely if the concept completely fits the song, won’t be easy shoot, and will be exciting and challenging.

Charles – You can do – Concept 1

I imagined this being an 80’s themed music video. Similar to a scene in the film ‘Dream girls’. The story line would be Charles back stage awaiting being called to go out on stage to finish the concert. As he is backstage in hair and make-up his girlfriend confronts him about a girl who he has allegedly been sleeping with. He is unable to respond as his team pull him away as it it time to perform. She storms out and heads for the exit. He then takes to the stage as the audience go wild. The backdrop is mellow and red as he is accompanied on stage by a live band and a 80’s theme set. As the narrative unfolds he looks into the crowd and sees his girlfriend and performs directly to her. The crowd slowly disappears and she is the only one he sees. His emotions and sincerity is clear to see. The narrative draws to a close as the couple reunite backstage and they put their problems behind. There are a few things I would potentially change and add but this is the bulk of the video.

Initial thoughts from the group – the cost of the video would be vey high, the concept may be quite generic, logistics and equipment will be very complex, will need many extras, pops etc, good idea, a lot of room for innovation.

It is very unlikely for us to go with option ‘C’ now.  I feel like it makes more sense to go with the short film idea, also one of our lecturers advised us about NOT doing a music video for our FMP which has again swayed our decision. It is more likely that we will do this for our company which will also contribute towards our 364MC module. 20% CHANCE OF DOING THIS PROJECT.


Takashima B (2008) Beyonce – LISTEN (scene from DREAMGIRLS). Available at: (Accessed: 6 March 2016).


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