O.N.W meets West Ham F.C

As the writer and director of the film ‘A bit about Frank’ it was imperative for me to go back to West ham and to take the O.N.W team with me, as this film has so much to do with the club. In my next post I will talk about the origin of the narrative. Below is a short video of our trip to West ham football club.

I first contacted the club in the summer to tell them about the short film we were making and to see if they could assist us with anything in the way of funding, access to the stadium, or any additional footage they may have. Getting through to the media team was a very difficult and daunting task especially as the club were so busy. Although I was pointed in the direction of a Lady called Pia Tanneraho who works at the clubs learning zone for kids. As soon as I sent her the companies showreel she was on board with working with the team, which is a testament to the hard work we have been putting it out side of university for our brand Our Notion Works. For weeks we went back and fourth via email and phone conversations speaking about how we can help each other. She suggested we come down to the ground to have a stadium tour with the West ham kids and then talk to them about film making and the challenges they will face in the future. This was an amazing experience for me as I had the opportunity to get pitch side again and soak up what it means to be a West Ham fan. Instantly I knew I had incorporate them same feelings into my film in some way shape or form. Other that going pitch side, I really enjoyed talking to the kids. There is so much beauty to admire in the innocene of youth, so to the kids I only spoke the truth. They listened, they asked insightful questions and the entire experience was educational, even for me.

‘It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it’ (‘Good deed quotes’ 2016). This much is true in our case. Our good deed set up a solid relationship with West Ham which we built on. They offered us footage of the stadium which will feature in our film, they also gave us props and gave us access to the stadium which is great.  We are eternally grateful to the club as their contributions to this film will go some way in making ‘A bit about Frank’ a success.  From this stint with the club Pia has asked us back to be apart of the media team for the learning zone when they move to the new stadium as freelancers. This is something we may look into after the film is completed. Although for now I am very happy with how things have planned out.

Initially I was very scared to a approach a club as big as West ham for help as I felt they would frown on my requests, but I now realised the power in just trying.  ‘Don’t assume that you are going to get a no.  Take the risk to ask for whatever you need and want.  If someone says no, you are no worse off than when you started’ (‘The power of asking’ 2016). After all, why not? What is the most they can say? NO! Going forward I continue on in this vain of not being afraid to ask because in this instance it was tremendously successful.


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