Production Roles

Here all the names of people who will be helping with this production. Some of the roles overlap and this simply means that more than one person will be doing this job. The top three participants are the most integral in this production. I delegated the roles according to ever bodies strengths and capabilities. The team have and will continue to work seamlessly to make this film a success.

David Sanni: Director/ As. Producer/ Writer/ D.O.P 

Wale Shittu: Producer/ Lighting/ As. DOP/ Chief Film editor

Omar Dick: Director of audio/ As. Producer/ Chief Sound mixer/ D.O.P

Shafiki: Storyboard artist/ Stage director / Photographer

Rikita Samuels: Casting director/ Shooting schedule

Abisola Akano: Location manager/

Yewande: Secretary/ Go to/ Finances

Whitney: PR/ Promotion/ Costume

Charles Ebose: Sound score/ Artist/ Composer


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