The character profiles

Character list by importance. These are the profiles and additional info given to the actors who auditioned for the roles and that were casted.

Angie. Frank’s ex wife. Aged 46. Blonde, 5ft 5 in height, slim, pretty, blue eyes, tarty. Left Frank at 31 years of age. He was 39. Billy your only son for Frank was 5. Die hard west ham fan. She is also the narrator for the film and ultimately the most important character. It was crucial that we casted this character correctly.

She is cocky, cheeky, thrill seeking, strong, determined, lives off impulse, loving, caring, sexy, chavy, overprotective, at times, naïve, and vulnerable.

bianca-jackson-has-returned-to-the-square‘She is a big dreamer and wanted to be a singer on a cruise ship but Frank was not very supportive. He wanted her to stay at home and be like most of the other girls from the east end. She fell in love with another man called Michael and now lives with him in a semi detached house in Essex. ‘Better than a flat in Upton Park I guess’ she says.

Angie is very similar to the character of ‘Bianca’ from Eastenders. Very cheeky and will do just about anything to survive. She can be tarty at times to get what she wants but she still has standards. Angie has always had a lot of boyfriends. Use Bianca as your stimulus. Even though she left Billy her only son, which seems quite heartless, she is a lover. She loves Billy more than you would ever know but she felt like it was the best move for everyone. She suffered depression as a result and also dealt with alcoholism. She thinks about him everyday and remembers taking him to his first games. She is very much up to date with Billy’s life through Daniel. She was planning to surprise him for his 21st, but in the end it she was just 15 years too late.

When dealing with this character, play with sharp changes within her emotions. A lot of the time she pretends to be heartless and funny but she is in real pain. She loses her son, not only that she was never really apart of his life. So as you could imagine how difficult it is for her. She is reliving memories and reminiscing in her narration, wishing she could go back. She is very jumpy and plays around in her emotions. She always tries to put on a brave face to act strong, but she is very weak.’

Things for the actor to watch and research further –

  • CASS – This helps explain and gives you a feel into what the film is about (Must watch)
  • Bianca from ‘Eastenders’ especially as a mother and when she was a bit ruthless in her younger days.
  • Christina Scofield from ‘Prison Break’ who first appears in season 4 episode 16. She left her sons life similar to Angie and attempts to makes amends for lost time. She is still very harsh and heartless at times also like Angie.
  • Jean Slater, more popularly known as Stacey’s mum from ‘Eastenders’. She is very jumpy and unpredictable much like Angie. Jean has a bipolar disorder which makes her behave in this manor. Even though Angie does not have this illness it will very good to study how she behaves and implement it into Angie’s character. As Angie behaves bipolar at times especially during the narration.

Billy (Bill) – (Franks son/ Best friends with Daniel/ 20/ Casanova/ troublesome/ good looking charming/ funny/ lads lad/ show man/ a risk taker/ white/ favorite line ‘Their just my cousins’ stupid/ brave hearted/ rash/ impulsive similar like his mother)

Unknown‘Billy is all of the above. Very cool, stupid, attractive and charming. But the bulk of his personality revolves around being fearless, brave, and selfless. When he finds out that his father has a severe medical condition (Kidney failure) he jumps at the chance to save him. He was reluctant to tell his father as he knew Frank would rubbish the idea of his son giving up his kidney to help save him. He can be likened to Michael Scofield in ‘Prison Break’ an American T.V series created by Paul Scheuring. Michael breaks into a prison in the aim to break out his wrongly convicted brother Lincoln. Sounds crazy right? I’m not sure which act is more outrageous. I want the actor to understand that Billy is on a mission to save his father, he’s last family member in touching distance. It is also interesting to see the extents that people will go to when guilt is weighing over their heads. Billy feels like he contributed to his fathers illness due to the stress he’s caused over the years and he wants to give something back. Desire is a key word for Billy. Like Michael in ‘Prison Break’ Billy has to go through a series of obstacles in the aim to save his father.’

Billy is also similar to Jay in the British T.V sitcom’Youngers’. He is very confident, brave, troublesome, and a ladies man. The relationship between Jay and his father in ‘Youngers’ is also very interesting they have this bond which is similar to that of Billy and Frank.

Pete Dunham from the British film ‘Green street‘ is also similar to the Billy. They are both brave and leaders. The way Pete protects and controls Matt a friend from Ireland is similar to the way Billy protects Daniel.

Things for the actor to watch and research further –

  • CASS – This helps explain and gives you a feel into what the film is about (Must watch)
  • Michael Scofield – Prison break (Desire/ saving a loved one/ obstacles/ good intentions but may have to do the bad things to reach end goal
  • Jay from ‘Youngers’ funny, cool, ladies man, in the limelight
  • Pete Dunham from Green street. Billy is not as aggressive as Pete, but he is a leader and comforter just like Pete. He is always in control and shows strong and at times harsh manly love.
  • Watch Psych – Focus in on Shawn and the relationship between him and his best fiend Gus.

Frank – (This is Billy’s father/ Single parent/ 54 years of age/ works in a garage/ hard working/ very knowledgeable/ tall bulky frame/ a bit dirty/ lost both parents at a young age/white/ demanding/ controlling/ aggressive)

ben-and-phil-mitchell-eastenders-460x306‘In the past he was very rough around the edges, he went to jail. Always involved in crime. He was also a football hooligan for a period of time. He is a very complicated character who at to mature quickly at a very young age. He reminds me of Phil Mitchell from Eastenders. In all his years on the square you have seen so many sides of one man. For example you have seen the young rebellious teen, you have seen him cause havoc with his brother, you have seen him with various females, you have seen him cry, be a loving father, show tough love, and seen him go from being the strongest to the weakest on the square when he was dealing with alcoholism. These are a lot of the stages Frank goes through, and for this these two characters are very similar. Even though this is a short we should see abit of the old rough around the edges Frank, as well as the newer calmer Frank. This film explores the idea of Alpha males, and features various elements of pride and egotistical behaviour. Frank is strong and old fashioned, in the film he finally falters and shows elements of weakness when he finds out his son has passed over. This is the pinnacle of his character and journey on screen. The duologue between Daniel and Frank is single handedly the most important part of the film. It glues everything together. It gives the film depth and meaning. You have to learn it, live it, and become that situation. The bond between Daniel and Frank has to be evident likewise the one between you and Billy.’

Things for the actor to watch and research further –

  • Bold Cass – (this film is very key!! Please watch!! It helps give some sort of context into our film.)
  • Also watch and study Phil Mitchell he’s a lot like your character.
  • Learn and perfect your cockney accent! It has to become second nature to you. (Watch soaps, video’s on youtube. Practice at home.
  • ‘The pursuit of happyness’ is also good to watch it will help bring the fatherly character out of you.
  • Watch things, which display kidney illness and single fathers.
  • Watch Psych – Focus in on Henry and his relationship with his son Shawn, and Shawn’s best friend Gus.

Daniel (Danny) – (Tall/ shy/ smart/ over thinker/ organised/ humble/ always getting in trouble because of Billy/ wise/ quirky/ awkward/ loyal/ weak/ best friends with Billy/ 20) not the usual stereotype/ easily swayed/ quite weak and vulnerable/ good heart wrong decisions/ )

3596628463001‘The word, which may best explain Daniel, is ‘nice’. He doesn’t catch the eye like Billy might, or ever cause trouble like Billy but he is genuinely a nice guy whose intentions are usually pure. You and I both know in this life you can’t be completely nice all the time because people will take advantage and abuse your kindhearted nature. Daniel has always been controlled by Billy either, taken down or lifted up. For example Billy may have got him expelled from school, although Billy would make sure know one picked on him. Daniel is a lot like ‘Yemi’ from E4’s ‘Youngers’ he is also very akward around females and at times uncomfortable to watch but as audience members you can’t help but feel for him and connect with him. We want the audience to love and appreciate you. You also go on an emotional rollercoaster you go from coming from a successful year of uni to losing your best friend. It’s surreal and shocking to say the least. ‘Malcom’ from ‘Top boy’ is another decent character to watch in how he’s quite innocent and gets caught up in certain situations due to his surroundings. The duologue between you and Frank is single handedly the most important part of the film. It glues everything together. It gives the film depth and meaning. You have to learn it, live it, and become that situation. The bond between you and Frank has to be evident likewise the one between you and Billy.

3c2633e3a68d33fe5ef1a520946af3ffDaniel’s relationship with Frank is similar to Gus and Henry’s in American sitcom ‘Psych’.  Even though this show is predominantly a comedy it houses some true dramatic moments.  The relationship triangle between Billy, Daniel, and Frank is based around that of Shawn, Gus, and Henry. Shawn is the irresponsible one that is always in trouble, where as Gus is smarter and safe. So like Frank, Henry Shawn’s dad finds comfort in speaking to his son’s best friend Gus who tends to listen more. These relations are very important and should be used as a stimulus.

Things for the actor to watch and research further –

  • CASS – This helps explain and gives you a feel into what the film is about (Must watch)
  • Malcolm from ‘Top boy’
  • Look into watch the first season of ‘Youngers’ study Yemi esp. the first few episodes.
  • Everybody hates Chris slightly off but it has a few similarities between you and Billy. i.e how you are always getting in trouble because of other people, and how you were not cool in school and awkward arounf the opposite sex
  • Watch things which are very emotive, things which have depth and could make you cry i.e The pursuit of happiness, 4 colored girls
  • Watch Pysch – Focus in on Gus and his relationship with Shawn and Henry.

Denise (Dee) – (18/ young/ naive/ attractive/ sexy/ gullible/ sassy/ cheeky/ jealous/ spiteful/ deluded/ easily manipulated/ Billy’s X/ still holds on/ in denial/ clingy/ fragile)

4rjmgxquwweDenise aslo has good intentions but she is bit gullible and almost too loyal. Her love for billy is clear but she tends to over love. She comes off as clingy and annoying more so than romantic or caring. She plays a major part in Billy’s death and at the end has huge guilt. There are so many female characters who are similar to her. One being Keisha from ‘Paid in full‘. She is portrayed as being very loyal to her boyfriend Ace in film. She also has the soft touch that Denise has. Charlene from ‘Get rich or die trying’ is also another interesting stimulus. She is also very loving loyal towards Marcus. Lisa from the film ‘Obsessed‘ starring Idris Elba and Beyonce Knowles is a very interesting and over dramatised character Although Denise is not obsessed she defiantly harbours similar traits to that of Lisa.

Things for the actor to watch and research further –

  • Keisha from ‘Paid in full’ she is very loving and loyal. Study how she looks and talks to Ace
  • Charlene from ‘Get rich or die trying’
  • Lisa from ‘Obsessed’/Lisa is way more over the top then Denise but there are certain traits you can take from this role.

Less important roles: 

092dd604695fd3a428f8132af9548bdcBilly (Bill) – aged 10 (childish/ funny/ troublemaker/ fearless/ energy/ patriotic/ leader

Daniel (Danny) aged 9 (corrupted/ gullible/ foolish/ follower/awkward/ loyal/ reliant

The boys are similar to the Shawn and Gus as kids in Psych. Here is picture of when the characters are kids and when they are adults. Like I mentioned before Billy and Daniel are based around these two roles.

Doctor (X) – 44 very cautious/ smart/ vindictive/ manslaughter/ dodgy/ black leather jacket/ one to watch/scary/ unpredictable/ good intentions at times/

waterloo-road-wallpapers-waterloo-road-1192646_1280_1024Taylor (T) – Went to the same college as Daniel/ has a thing Billy/ Desperate/flirtatious/ gullible/ attractive/ naive/ insecure/ eager/ easily distracted/ the baby of the two (The girl in the hat)

Shanice (Shan) – Best friends with Taylor, went to the same college as Daniel/ intelligent/ follower/ shy/ insecure/ hurt/ a dreamer/ easily deceived/ loving/ acts as the mother between the two/ (Curly hair on the right)

‘Shan and T are similar to Aleesha and Danielle from season 1 of ‘Waterloo road’. They are very close and are always there for each other. Shanice tends to be more caring, calm, and the motherly figure where T is a bit more young and reckless. This relationship from the British drama will help and guide you in the fundamental research of your relationship.’


Shopkeeper (Boss man) – local/ inpatient/ hasty/ moody

Blacks – (24/ wreck less thug/ from rival ends/ stupid/ misled/ ex convict/ trying to live the fast life/ stocky/ beard/ big/ black)

The boys – friends on the block/ patrol/ cool with Billy/ dodgy at times/ not too fond of Daniel



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