The plan for the Auditions


Plan for the Auditions (These auditions took place a few months ago)

 Team members attending:

Casting director – Rikita Samuel                        Ast. Director – Jesse

Audition coach – Elisa                                           Audition coach/ Ast. Director – Josh

PR team – Christina                                                 Location team – Abisola

Location: Beckton youth center, 14 East Ham Manor Way, London E6 5NG

(3minute walk from Cyprus DLR station)

All members will have to meet at the venue at 10am. There will be a 30minute grace period but please try your best to make it on time. We will need to discuss the running of the day, and familiarize ourselves with each other before we start auditions at 11am PROMPT!!

The day will go as followed –

 The house team (Us) – (7) 10am – 11am (Preparing ourselves/ activities)

Teens (Billy, Daniel, Taylor, Dee, and Shanice) – (20) 11am – 1.30pm

  • General welcome
  • Warm up games
  • Performance of a prepared scene with direction

The young children audition (Young Billy and Daniel) – (6) 1.30 – 3pm

  • General welcome talk to the parents/ kids
  • Warm up games
  • Improve
  • Envelope game
  • Explanation of what will happen next

Break – 3pm – 4pm (Refresh ourselves/ prepare for next group)

Adults (Frank and the Doctor) – (6) – 4pm – 5pm

  • General welcome talk
  • Quick warm up
  • Performance of rehearsed scene with direction

The house team (Us) – (7) 5pm – 5.30pm (Quick deliberation)

This will be a long day please come prepared and ready to lend a hand, it will also be fun and exciting experience. The audition process is an integral part of pre production and ultimately plays a hand in the success of the film please conduct yourselves in a professional manor as you are representing Our Notion Works. Thank you.


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