Medical Research Part 2

Here is a video from our medical researcher Tosin Adjibola explaining kidney failures and diabetes in the context of our short film production.

Key points from the video:

  • Diabetes – Type 1 and type 2
  • Diabetic patients can’t donate their Kidney’s (Billy has diabetes) which is why he got declined by the NHS
  • We can survive off one kidney.
  • As Billy has diabetes he may affect his father by giving him his kidney
  • Billy’s kidney would be declined by the NHS as it came from the black market (Error in the script/ change)
  • Billy and Frank are potential matches as they are related

Further research:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 23.16.42

Here is a screen grab from the ‘Kidney research U.K’ which goes into detail about how common Kidney disease is, it also speaks about how many people may have it but may not know similar to Frank’s situation. The health check quiz seems very helpful and it may be a quick way to know if you need to be checked up. It may be interesting to find out how many males visit this site (side note). ‘Thanks to supporters like you, each year an estimated 60,000 people with kidney disease are alive as a result of the advances made through research into the causes, prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Since 1985, we have invested around £60 million in research into kidney disease and kidney problems in the UK.’ Research like this will continue to help saving lives, although prevention is better than cure. In Franks he should’ve went for a check up before his situation became as severe as it did.

The importance of health checks (especially for men) Advert: video

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 23.53.29

Even though research has progressed if your kidney’s are seriously faulty you will still need a transplant regardless. Which in the context of the film is why Billy attempted to save his father.

Originally our in our film Billy finds out that his Dad and is ill and is in need of a kidney when he stumbles across a letter from the NHS a few weeks earlier. After seeing this he takes it upon himself to visit the NHS and apply to donate his kidney to his father. After they ran test they declined him because he has his own health issues which could and potentially would negatively affect him and put his life in jeopardy (diabetes) . So instead his girlfriend Denise introduces him to a doctor that does back hand surgeries on the black market. Billy then attempts to do the surgery and he dies in the process. Later his kidney was then donated to do the NHS and they were then able to operate on his dying father to save his life.

The issues with this outline are:

  • The NHS would never take a kidney from the black market even if it was a match and Frank was going to die.
  • Frank probably would’ve had the notion that Billy was going to attempt to save his life either through the NHS or the dodgy doctor in preparation to give him his new kidney
  • Billy would be stupid to think that this man was just going to take his kidney and hand it over to the NHS without any question as to where this kidney derived from

It is now clear that we have to implement change. Although the plot needs developing, this will be extremely difficult as we have already shot most of the scenes. The scenes which we are yet to shoot are the bedroom scenes with Angie, the pick scene with Billy and doctor driving to the hospital and also the cutaway shots with Taylor and Shanice.

I have now changed the script again and made it so Billy dies at the hands of the doctor but his kidney is not used for his fathers transplant. Instead he dies in vain and his dad Frank is fortunate enough to get a call from the NHS the next day. The doctor was legit but his license got revoked when he used drugs illegally a couple years back. The doctor instead just used Billy for his Kidney and attempts to sell it for profit. Billy is played off as silly and  gullible for not doing his research and listening to the Doctor’s every last word.

We are going to show this change by: 

  • By having the new narrator Angie, Billy’s mother explain what happened from her point of view. She will tell the audience that Billy dies in vain and how Frank receives a new kidney from the NHS just in time.
  • Also in the car scene after the doctor picks up Frank’s son, Billy will act as if he is not sure about the ins and out whilst the doctor deceives and cons hime.

Hopefully all these changes will cover up the holes in the narrative. The only regret I have now is not doing thorough enough research when writing this script. I now know the importance of communicating  with a medical researcher throughout the entire pre production and production stage especially if this is such a integral part of the narrative. If I had done this perhaps we wouldn’t have this many issues with the plausibility of the film. All we can do now going forward is focus on the future and eradicating all of our mistakes in the aim to produce a good film.


Kidney Research U.K (2016) Kidney health check, Available at: (Accessed: 31st March 2016).

NHS choices (2016) Your questions on the NHS Health Check, Available at: (Accessed: 31st March 2016).


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