Budgeting / Funding

Below is the link to the budget for our film ‘A bit about Angie’. It is a working process and figures will change as time progresses.

A bit about Angie budget

IMG_6042A while back we received a large portion of funding from 02 think Big. Their aim is to help fund young people’s projects up and down the country. ‘We don’t just talk about community. We’re investing £5 million into community projects over three years. This money is there to help young people launch ideas and programmes that benefit the places where they live’ (02 think big 2016). In order to receive funding we highlighted the fact that our film looks at Kidney failure and petty theft. We were successful in the initial round of the application so we were then invited to a workshop with 02 in central London to help develop our ideas and to network with young applicants in a similar position. This experience was really enjoyable, I was also able to make a number of new connects who will hopefully be of benefit to me in the near future. In fact the producer of the film Adewale and I did a paid editing job for one the attendees of the event a week after. This is a new business orientated relationship which was built off networking. ‘Networking provides the most productive, most proficient and most enduring tactic to build relationships’ (‘Importance of networking 2016). After the even we were given a paid card to make the relevant payments for the film. This has helped to cover transport costs, food, child licenses, locations and so fourth.

The rest of the budget has been and will continue to be covered by Omar the D.O.P, Adewale the producer and I the director. We are all members of the company Our Notion works so some costs have been covered by the company also. Some of the companies paid jobs have been discussed in my 364mc module.

The main part of this budget which is likely to change is the amount we put aside for is distribution and marketing. The £150 is likely double depending on what methods of marketing we decide. When this is confirmed I will amend the document.


Telefónica, 02 (2016) Think big people. Available at: http://www.o2.co.uk/thinkbig/people/youth-projects (Accessed: 4 March 2016).

Strategic business network (SBN) (2011) The importance of networking. Available at: http://www.strategicbusinessnetwork.com/about/importance (Accessed: 4 March 2016).

Works, O.N. (2016) Home page. Available at: http://www.ournotionworks.com (Accessed: 4 March 2016).


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