Getting to know Shan and T

So as we plough on through shooting our new scenes I thought it would be a great time to meet and understand ‘Shanice’ and ‘Taylor’ who are played by Ruth and Rebecca in ‘A bit about Angie’. These two characters are some what neglected when it comes to talking about who the key players are in this narrative, understandably so as their parts are relatively brief. Although they are still very much integral to the story and they help to show off Billy’s and Daniel’s relationship and status. In the last sequence of them on screen, which we recently just shot they also show a more serious and compassionate side to their character displaying their emotional journey from happy/ fun girls to sad and depressed females who fee like they’ve lost something dear to them. So here is a video of actors Ruth and Rebecca speaking about their roles and how it was like working with the O.N.W team. I hope you enjoy.

Both of the actors picked up on the fact that I pride myself on being a perfectionist. Meaning if the slightest thing is wrong I will yell ‘CUT!’ on set. When working on their second sequence which we shot recently I had the time to go over things again and again. Although in previous scenes I have not also been afforded the time to do this meaning it just becomes a case of getting the job done as oppose to getting the perfect shot which is frustrating. As you know this will effect the entire production value of your film. Time does quite frankly equate to money whilst filming and managing this is very hard when you have a large cast and crew, if one integral member is late it holds up the entire shoot meaning I have to rush the filming in the latter stages.

During the summer when we initially started this back when it was still called ‘A bit about Frank’ I made the cast rehearse like crazy. For Rebecca and Ruth I knew it was important for them to have a natural and authentic relationship. So I made both girls talk on the phone for hours just about general stuff, so that when they first met they would feel as if they already knew each other. Like the girls mentioned this method defiantly worked to bring their scenes to life. Now they are very good friends and I hope their relationships surpasses the course of this film.

All in all filming with the young ladies has been very enjoyable. They listened, they took direction and they played their role relatively well. Looking back in hindsight I would’ve focused more on making their characters journeys come through more on screen. I would also made them more 3 dimensional as in the first scene with the girls and boys they come across as quite cliche and flat. Also the use of costume in this scene could’ve been much stronger and may of highlighted their personalities more. To conclude I am content with how things planned out and now I just can’t want to finish shooting now.


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