We call time on Canary Wharf


As our film is based and shot in East London it was only right we shot our much needed time lapses in the East end. I tried various sites such as ‘Film office’ and City of London’ in the aim to gain access into certain locations in East London to film from particular vantage points. My progress was stifled by green tape surrounding the issues of permits, safety, and fees which was disappointing. The person I spoke to at the ‘Film office’ rubbished the idea of filming on top of buildings due to my lack of funding. They were asking for at least £200 per hour depending on what venue and how safe it was. Which is understandable to a point because safety was a major hurdle which needed to be tackled and funded. This setback meant that I had to think of a plan B. So when deciding where to shoot our time lapses for our film after the previous disappointments it was a no brainer to go with Canary Wharf as it is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the East end. I thought Canary Wharf would be a fantastic spot, it may not be as dark or working class esc’ as Upton park but it works as a good metaphor between wealth and survival and reality and luxury which are relevant themes in my film ‘A bit about Angie’.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 23.48.28

We first had to get permission from the ‘Canary Wharf Group’  which was relatively straight forward. I first spoke to a member of staff at the facility and he told me to write up an email explaining what I wanted to do etc. He then replied back pretty  promptly awarding the team and I with access to film. As we are students we did not need a permit which made gaining access to the premises even easier for us. We’ve visited the location twice now. The latest time being earlier today when we shot our final time lapses. It was a very cold but successful shoot, we were able to capture parts of the sunset and some stunning imagery of the clouds passing by with the tall high standing sky scrappers as our back drop. We dedicated hours and patience into planning and shooting these short elements of our film and I hope and pray it pays off in the end. Even though this was not our first choice location I am happy this venue fell into place, I guess everything happens for a reason after all.


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