Finally! Our last day of shooting

So yesterday marked the final day of filming for our short film ‘A bit about Angie’ formerly known as ‘A bit about Frank’. A flurry of emotions came to mind when I yelled ‘CUT!’ for the final time, the past few weeks have been filled with ups and downs, no’s and maybe’s and a series of bad news. I guess that’s just the average week for a budget film maker but for me it was anything but average.

The call time for the actors was 11am. The two actors arrived a little after 12 noon. The crew  and I had been on location since 10:30 preparing and setting up the opening shot. Even though the actors were late we were just elated at the fact Daniel the doctor even arrived after all the turbulence he took us through over the last couple of weeks. It was a fun, relatively short and a difficult shoot.

The scene is a short cutaway sequence where Billy is at the drop off point waiting for Denise, and the doctor to go and have his kidney operation done. In this scene Billy is barged by a local bystander whilst waiting for the pair which simply adds tension and fear to already frantic character. Billy is extremely anxious as he is aware he could be awaiting his death. The doctor cons Billy by convincing him that everything is going to go well as the pair drive off.


  • The first issue we had was to do with continuity. As we shot various parts of the film months ago, Johnathon the boy who plays Billy cut his hair. The change is apparent on screen, but this may be because we are fully aware of the change, hopefully the audience won’t be able to see the difference as much.


  • The second problem was that we were unable to shoot the actual car scene to the best of our ability due to the limited space in the vehicle. This meant we were only able to film shot reverse shots from behind the two actors in the back seats. A car mount would’ve been ideal for this shot but this piece of equipment was not available. This was because the date we were suppose to shoot this scene changed 4 different times due to complications with one of the actors Dean.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 22.14.43

  • We had to film with a tight time frame, the actor Dean was in a rush to get things done and kindly obliged as he had been very temperamental in the past couple weeks. The fear was there that he would just storm off or become uncooperative, so we did what we had to do on that front. This could and will potentially decrease the production values of this particular sequence.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 20.28.02.png

Here is a link to the equipment list for today’s shoot.

Here is the call sheet for today’s shoot.

To conclude this shoot was a lot of things, and it meant a lot. It now means we can pretty much focus on editing this film and begin to correct all of the errors we have made throughout the course of making this film wether self inflicted or otherwise. It also spells the end of working one and one with the different actors which has been an uphill task at times. The continuity issue can and probably will effect us dramatically going forward but there is little we can do now. In the future I will aim to combat similar issues by not leaving such huge gaps whilst filming though was not intentional or solely our fault. If there is a gap of filming for what ever reason I will also keep a closer eye on the actor and his look before I proceed to film. Some actors are just naturally harder to deal with than others and I learnt that the heard way whilst on this project. The key is to learn how your actors behave in certain situations and to give them the space they need at times. Lastly I feel like actors would behave differently if they were getting paid a serious wage and were under contract, because our actors aren’t a couple of them starting acting off, excuse the pun. Which made filming even more difficult. It’s hard to combat this because they can seem really nice and productive but could turn at any time. I am just happy we are done filming for now.



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