Marketing Angie!

What’s a good film if nobody watches it? What’s a interesting film if it has no audience? In this post I speak on the importance of marketing and my initial marketing plan for ‘A bit about Angie’.

There are various ways to market a film i.e online, through magazines and newspapers, on the T.V, print based etc. My mode of marketing will mostly take place via online platforms as this method is the cheapest, fastest and most effective. Through research I have learnt about ‘Pre rolling adverts, the importance of really well thought out ‘Press junkets’ and ‘involving the audience in making of the promotion. (’17 tips for marketing a film’ 2014) So I set up a Facebook page which has and will continue to house all of the films progress and content. Initially I didn’t think it would be a major marketing tool as I always used it for it’s social potential as opposed to it’s promotional. I now know that it is a great way to keep people updated with all the latest from the film and our brand Our Notion Works. It also helps us to ‘involve’ our ‘audience’ and keep them engaged in our film as they can instantly communicate with us. Currently our posts are doing quite well and our reach has been relatively wide surprisingly. It is also clear to see that our video posts do better than our picture posts which would suggest that out primary audience prefer video clips. Although the importance of BTS pictures can not stressed enough because audiences love to see how it all happens. ‘Production photos are a great way to generate buzz around your project. Statistics show that posts with photos receive significantly higher engagement on Facebook and Twitter.  Photo posts represent 87% of the shared content on Facebook, versus only 4% for link based posts.’  (‘7 Tips for Promoting Your Indie Film on Social Media’ 2014) The instant feedback displayed by Facebook has encouraged me to continue to make videos for the page with similar content, as while as BTS pictures. I have also found that embedding video’s rather that uploading links works better to encourage people to click on the content.

The sorts of language I use when writing each posts is also very collaborative and welcoming. I tend use words like ‘our film’ and ‘take a look at your cast’. This helps our audience to feel like they are apart of the film. As the director and writer of the film I want them to feel close to the characters and the themes within the film. At times I also type like ‘Angie’ would as another way to help the audience connect to the character and subsequently the film. I aim to gain a geographical audience by purposely mentioning certain areas we shot in so that the residents of these areas can take interest in these sorts of posts. For example I made a post about ‘Limehouse’ and ‘Seymour road’ which is in Upton Park, right outside the West ham stadium. The previous work we have done with West ham football club will also help with our promotions. We add the West ham name in our posts as much as possible as this helps to bring in their fans. After all the film is all about West ham, 80% of film is shot around the stadium so it only makes sense to capitalise on their brand and use it to our advantage. We also post from our twitter account which has been marked with ‘A bit about Angie’ to boost the awareness for the film.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 04.21.43.png

We will continue to post on Facebook, we are also looking to put money into the account to boost certain uploads. Especially when it get’s closer to the release date. On posts such as the trailer, film posters and exclusive behind the scenes footage. Even though Facebook is now one of a main modes of online marketing we are not delusional enough to think that our entire target audience is on this one platform. Alternatively we also have other promotional schemes.

  • When our advertisement posters are made we are looking into printing some and posting them up in community centres, pubs, gentlemen clubs, hospitals, gyms, and cafe’s around the East London area. Picking out Burroughs such as Newham, Tower hamlets, Barking and Dagenham, and hackney. This way we will be able to reach our target audience in all these different sub areas. This will be extremely costly so we will need to narrow down the most efficient way of doing this sort of advertisement.
  • These film posters will vary depending on the demographic we are attempting to target. We will have a poster which will be for an older female audience ‘mothers’ which will have ‘Angie’ in the foreground. Then we will have one that will appeal to teenagers and young men which will feature ‘Billy’ and ‘Daniel’ more and so fourth.
  • We also want to target local independent cinemas predominantly in the East London area. For example the RIO cinema in Dalston, and the Genesis in Whitechapel. We would love to advertise our film in venues like this and perhaps also screen our film here. People who are from East London are more likely to watch a film which has such an East London influence, and a geographic stand point.

Utilising Bloggers –

The importance of having bloggers blogg about your film or a website is at a new time high. There are so many films which are in competition with mine to get recognition and viewers. So getting indie, film, relationship, and lifestyle bloggers to write about our film and website could really help to build a awareness and put us above our competitors. This may cost some money as many bloggers charge unless they are absolutely in love with your project. ‘Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search.’(‘Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing’ 2015) Blogging could also help to highlight our Facebook and Twitter pages. Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest — which helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.’ (‘Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing’ 2015) All of these benefits have swayed my mind to focus on blogging for my film ‘A bit about Angie’.

Radio talk show’s –

We are also looking at getting certain radio stations to advertise our film. ‘Listeners just don’t change radio stations in the same way that viewers flick through channels on the TV. This makes commercial radio an ideal medium for small businesses to reach out to new customers.’ (Radio, TV and cinema advertising, 2016) One being Talk sport. Even though this is a relatively large station which will probably charge us an arm and a leg we will try to get our ad on there. They now have ‘3.4 million sports fans are now tuning in each week according to industry figures released by RAJAR today’ (talkSPORT 2014) which is fantastic for us. We will angle the film on this station in the way of the West ham football club and highlight how this may be the last film on the club at the Boelyn ground as the club are moving across the pound to stratford. They also have many football listeners as the ‘Colin Murray and Friends show (10am-1pm) attracted more than 1 million listeners, a 7% increase’ (talkSPORT 2014) which shows there is a market for my film. Talk sport is targeted at boys and men all across the U.K which is great for us. This is how we can really capture our older male audience as they are less likely to be on Facebook or read bloggs.  We are also looking at ‘ontopictalkshow’ which is a radio show which looks at and discusses popular topics. Their conversations are controversial and always spills out unto social media. They also get quite a lot of listeners. Especially young people, and people from ethnic backgrounds. We are going to attempt to work out a deal where they choose one of the key topics in our film for example Billy trying to save his father even though he is not fit enough to do so. They will then ask a question to their listeners along the lines of ‘If your mother/ father was dying of kidney failure would you give your kidney even if you were told that you are not fit enough to do so?’ After the debate the hosts of the show will talk about the film and where they can learn more about the project. I think this will be a good way to gently feed our young target audience with content.

All of these ideas are on going and need a lot of development. Right now we are assessing our options and taking into consideration our time frame and limited funds we have at our disposal.


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