Film trailer analysis

Here is the official trailer for my short film ‘A bit about Angie’. I hope you like it!

Trailer are extremely important. Their main use is to attract an audience to your film.‘Since the purpose of the trailer is to attract an audience to the film, these excerpts are usually drawn from the most exciting, funny, or otherwise noteworthy parts of the film but in abbreviated form and usually without producing spoilers’ (Film shortage 2012) We done this is on our trailer by adding key pieces of action in the video. For example when the kids are playing football and when Frank is shouting at Daniel in the house scene. The use of tempo and sound is something we took into consideration. On the basis of things these elements help to show the audience what sort of age the film is for, what sort of genre it is and what the film is about.

For example the Avatar (2009) trailer really reflects well the genre it is from through sounds and tempo. It starts off pretty slow but towards the end you see the fast cutting and you can hear all the loud explosions and shooting. These are key signifiers that show that this is an action film. There is also a key piece of music used, which increases in volume and tempo as the trailer progresses.  This is used to build excitement and tension amongst their target audience. The first process in engaging the audience is becoming aware of what they want. ‘The starting point for all communication is becoming aware of the intended audience and approaching them on an appropriate level’ (know your audience 2012). I found that the best way to gage what your audience want is by looking at all the previous successful films which deal with similar themes as your text to see what they did and what they didn’t do.

When comparing the codes and conventions of a drama trailer I found that you generally have to have some sort of dramatical or sad music to bring the emotion in a text, there is normally a slower tempo in comparison to that of an action film, there are normally conventional locations used like a cafe/ house/ resturant. These are just some of things I picked up on. In my film trailer we used slowed down, distorted singing to create mystery and to bring out a mellow mood. We also used a very slow and dream like tempo to tell the story and again bring out the mood of the film. We also followed the conventions for a drama trailer by using domestic locations, for example Angie’s bedroom.

Above I have selected Titanic (1997) as an example of a dramatic trailer to focus in on. This trailer is really well put together. It has and does everything it needs to do. It has the most interesting bits in it, it has a strong use of music, a key line form the script ‘Do not let go of my hand!’ which in some ways incapsulates the entire story and there is a relatively slow and calm tempo until near the end. Taking into consideration that the film had a ‘budget of $200 million’ (IIMDb 2016) and mine only a budget of £600 our trailer does not fulfil the codes and conventions of a dramatic trailer.

Our trailer

  • Does not tell a condensed breakdown of what happens in the film
  • It does not utilise the use of music
  • The tempo remains pretty stagnant
  • It does not use key texts to incise the audience.

To conclude my film trailer does meet the needs of a dramatic film trailer but not completely. In the future I will carry out further primary and secondary research to gage what my target audience and want and need. I will also spend more time putting the trailer together.


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