Charles Ebose – W.U.W (Music Video)

Last week I was in London directing a studio based music video for an artist who goes by the name of Charles Ebose. The song is entitled ‘Whateva you want’. The song is about reminiscing on past relationships and how freedom from a former spouse is not always all that it is made out to be. The video has a very dreamy and an alienated feel which helps to represent this theme. Below is a audio clip of what the artist wanted from me.

The shoot was very long and tedious. I traveled to the capital from Coventry with my colleagues. Once we arrived on set only the artist and the location manager was there. There was no sight of the models I got commissioned, or the P.R, or the management and even the creative director was missing. This was a huge setback because the studio was only booked for 4 hours which was going to be extremely tight without any hiccups. I based almost 80% of the video around a model and the artist Charles. So when the model didn’t show up I was extremely worried, because even though I was doing the artist and his P.R a favour by getting a couple of models it looked bad on me when they didn’t show. So after we spent the best part of 2 hours setting up the temperamental lights I had to pretty much improvise the entire shoot. I feel like I did a very good job covering the cracks in the production although I know how good the video could’ve potentially turned out to be so I’am very frustrated.

The absent models were also very demoralising as I had spent the best part of week coming up with the concept for the video which was inspired by KAYTRANADA – GLOWED UP (feat. Anderson .Paak) video. This video helped me to come up with the colour scheme for Charle’s video shoot. I had wrote a series of shots and movements which both model and artist were going to engage in but it was not to be.

What I did without the model

  • Entire song – long shot – tracks in and out (Red and blue filters) x2 (Sequence done from slight left and right)
  • Performance sequence – explaining what happened with lyrics and hand movements (medium shot)
  • Sped performance of song to create a slow motion/ dreamy affect. In and out. Exaggerated. (Long to medium)
  • Extreme close – ups of lip movements (off centre)
  • Medium shot of artist drinking alcohol. (Depth of field)
  • Extra medium- long shots of the artist dancing/ performing without reciting the lyrics.

What I wanted to do with the model 

  • Model walks in while artist on chair. She captures his eye. He is in  trance  – moves him off his chair. (Long to medium shot) Tripod. Then with tracks.
  • Close of her saying ‘you can do’ in his left ear. (Darker backdrop) Light focusing on head area. Artists eyes closed.
  • Medium shot of artist with a ribbon around him. She untangles him through the chorus. The ribbon is suppose represent relationships, bondage and now freedom. (Seductive) In lingerie attire, not too revealing. Hair up.
  • Extreme close ups of hands, mouth, ear, face, during performance.
  • Solo model shots. Red mood – Seductive. Sped up performing the chorus. plays with hair, walks towards camera. Tracks. Long into medium shots.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.14.13.pngWe also helped to market this video through social media sites like Facebook and twitter. We knew that gaining exposure for the artist would also gain exposure for us as film makers and especially I as the director.

All in all the shoot was very eye opening and difficult for the reasons mentioned above. In saying that the team and I still managed to create a piece of work which the client loved and so did the team around him which means we fulfilled our brief. This shoot has also taught me a lot about relying on people to do things especially when they are not being paid much to do it, for this project I really had to act on my feet and improvise under immense pressure which was no mean feet. But I did achieve my goal in the end which is the most important thing. I now back myself to be able to improvise a shoot in the future if needs be. The artist has also shown interest in continuing to use me as his director for his musical endeavours which is also great for me both financially and interns of networking and building my portfolio.


The UnkNWn (2016) Charles Ebose – WUW. Available at: (Accessed: 20 April 2016).

KAYTRANADA (2016) KAYTRANADA – GLOWED UP (feat. Anderson .Paak). Available at: (Accessed: 15 April 2016).



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