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Production Folder / Website / EPK

Here is a link to the films website – Here is an additional link to access the production folder EPK ‘A bit About Angie’ Production Schedule SHOT LOG A bit About Angie synopsis A bit About Angie script A bit About Angie treatment A bit About Angie V.O. script A bit About Frank … More Production Folder / Website / EPK

Securing placements

Throughout this entire module I have been trying shadow directors, go on placements and learn from relevant professionals in my field. This has been a very difficult task as people/ companies don’t reply to emails and also many people are just not that willing to help for free. Below are all the contacts which I … More Securing placements

My portfolio

In this post I will discuss all of my portfolios which I will send or use to gain potential clients. This includes my official website, my LinkedIn account and my showreel. Here is my directors show reel. It is a combination of all my latest best bits. Before I made this I researched about the … More My portfolio