Securing placements

Throughout this entire module I have been trying shadow directors, go on placements and learn from relevant professionals in my field. This has been a very difficult task as people/ companies don’t reply to emails and also many people are just not that willing to help for free. Below are all the contacts which I attempted to get in contact with.

  • Malt films – CV & Cover letter – (sent on the 14.03.16) Received a reply
  • River film – Filled out online form – No reply
  • Blink film – CV & Cover letter – (sent on the 07.03.16) No reply
  • Feel films – CV & cover letter – (sent on the 03.03.16) Received a reply
  • Ecosse films – CV – (sent on thé 07.0316) No reply
  • Pinewood – CV – (sent in the 2.02.16) No reply
  • Sonny – CV – (2.02.2016) No reply
  • Contrai – CV – (03.01.16) No reply
  • Spectrecom – CV & cover letter – (07.03.16) Received a reply

Out of all the emails which I sent I only received 3 replies. One led to a potential placement. Although the company which holds the most promise is Spectrecom. They offered me a two week placement which will commence on the 31st of may. I detailed to them everything I wanted to learn and do and they scheduled the plan. I am extremely excited and I can’t wait to start my placement. I have been researching their directors and one that caught my eye was Scott McCullough. Since then I have been in contact with him and I should be shadowing with him when I start my placement.

All in all I am content with how this entire process. It wasn’t as successful as I had hoped but it has taught me how it will be to try and secure a graduate job after university.


2016, S. (2016) Spectrecom films, London | film & video production company. Available at: (Accessed: 7 March 2016).


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