My contacts in the industry

Throughout this module there has been a huge emphasis on gaining and developing a number of industry contacts who can help in the future. At first I found this task very anti productive and annoying but I began to learn it’s importance as the module progressed. Here are my relevant contacts.

Name and occupation How did I get in contact Strength of communication What help they can or have offered Contacts details
Percy Emmett


(Coach mentor for creative)


Creative business workshop Relatively strong Advice on building small business


Dayo Adeyemi


(Graphic designer)

Creative business workshop Very Strong Graphic and paintings with company


Lisa Keating


(Bridal wear designer)

Through Percy Emmett Weak Able to work with her and get wedding jobs



Richard wood


(Wedding photographer / videographer)

Through the university Strong Given advice of how to get into the industry


Phillip Raheem


(Idol magazine)


Family friend Strong Advice on improving our photography and building brand




(Dropout U.k)

Met at networking event

Met at networking event Strong Gave us an opportunity to build brand and work with artists



Aturo Perpiñán


( Xanela Producciones)

Met on placement year Strong Introduced me to businesses in Spain  




Nicole Veronique


(Clothing line)


Met through friend Strong Helped us to get into the fashion industry


Kevin Hudson


(Video director)


Met through friend Average Taught me about music video directing


Scott McCullough


(Film director)


Placement agreement with production company Good Soon to shadow him




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