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Production Folder / Website / EPK

Here is a link to the films website – Here is an additional link to access the production folder EPK ‘A bit About Angie’ Production Schedule SHOT LOG A bit About Angie synopsis A bit About Angie script A bit About Angie treatment A bit About Angie V.O. script A bit About Frank … More Production Folder / Website / EPK

Film Posters

Here are my two main film posters for ‘A bit about Angie’. On the left is our poster for a younger audience and the one on the right is targeted at mothers and adults. Below are some of the test pieces we put together before we came up with our chosen two. All of these … More Film Posters

The editing stage

Time is very much fast spent and as we approach our hand in date the importance of concluding the final edit of my film ‘A bit about Angie’ grows immensely. In this post I will speak about the editing process and where we are so far from the perspective of a director. As the writer … More The editing stage

Sound / Music

For months I have been working around the clock to secure the right pieces of music and to acquire the appropiate sound required for my film ‘A bit about Angie’. This means emailing artists, companies, looking online and making sure our own recorded dialogue and sound were up to scratch. As we are nearing the … More Sound / Music

Marketing Angie!

What’s a good film if nobody watches it? What’s a interesting film if it has no audience? In this post I speak on the importance of marketing and my initial marketing plan for ‘A bit about Angie’. There are various ways to market a film i.e online, through magazines and newspapers, on the T.V, print … More Marketing Angie!